Here they are! Click on the button below to take you to the new season’s Dog Page. You’ll find new team cards for all the racing dogs and yearlings.

Don’t you agree that Jeanne has done a fantastic job of capturing the personalities and beauty of our athletes? They really “pop” off the black background.

We have new short “blurbs” about each dog and we will update the racing histories for everyone as the season progresses.

A heartfelt and sincere “Thank You” to all our dog sponsors! We love that you have developed a relationship with “your” dogs even if some of you have never met them. We appreciate the unwavering support you have for your dog; and the kennel as a whole.

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  • Thanks so much for these beautiful portraits of the 4-legged division of SP KENNEL.

    Absolutely gorgeous, all 47 team members and 12 yearlings!!!

    What a lovely, loving set up for the new season!!!


  • Whhooo Hoo! Jeannie rocks the pics again! and you rocked the new descriptions!
    thanks for all your efforts to keep us sponsors in the know and entertained!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Thank you Jeanne and SPK for doing this…it's always one of my favorite posts to see each year….now I got lots of studying to do so I can recognize who is who through the year! They all look so fantastic and the new write ups are insightful! My favorite you ask? Why it's our boy Chemo of course!!! Handsome as ever and ready to race! I can't wait to bond with him next summer over some butt rubs!

  • So wonderful! Thank you Jeanne, and thank you SP Kennel. It would be fun to have the shots that were thrown away!

  • What fabulous photos of all the SPK dogs, Jeanne. And great write ups of each dog, thanks SPK crew. Yes the dogs really pop off the page on black background(good call). But I must say after studying all the photos that Tinder is still the most handsome dog at the kennel(ha ha).

  • Yes indeed the dog cards are fabulous. In future can they be clickable so that we can focus in on certain features like hazel eyes? Thanks for putting so much effort into making them spectacular and even doing it at all. Fans appreciate it so much.


  • Dogs are positioned so well and the black backdrop makes them stand out. Would be interesting to know how many shots are taken to try to get the best – what a job!!

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