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  • whhooo hoo !
    now we just need some more Snow!!
    It would also help if they made Brightly colored Hand warmers, searching for lost white ones is the Snow is a BEAR!
    Keep warm enough All. I know cause I lose one at least once a year.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Jeezum Crow…that's darn cold alright!! Wish you had snow to go along with it….snow makes it feel warmer when it's super cold…that might be in my head but having fluffy snow on the ground makes the cold seem less harsh. The coldest I have ever experienced was minus 25….so yeah…..Brrrrr in Two Rivers!! Will the dogs get to sleep in the barn tonight? Bet you will have a few extra house dogs in the bed tonight…at least 3 for a Three Dog Night!! Stay warm and safe SPK!!

  • NOW THAT'S NOT JUST COLD, but subfreezing. Would be great if had snow like we just had, we did not have those temps though. Looking at those temps need good fresh pot of soup, baked fresh bread, hot favorite drink, a blanker to cuddle under and fire in the wood stove/fireplace. Some soft soothing music and enjoy the one your with. the stars must be bright and twinkling in the cold crisp air. Blessing!!

  • Have been watching the weather up there and yup–it's cold. Snow is
    coming so it says and bet you will be happy along with the fantastic
    SP Dogs! Thinking of you all.

  • I put on all of my SPK swag from my last gift bag and am wearing it around the house to send the very warmest wishes to you. The gator and the beanie are fabulously warm. Thanks again for all you do, in the bitterest cold weather, and every season of the year to make us all feel like we are part of your family of SPK. I am grateful.

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