We do have a lot to be thankful for! We are thankful for all our supporters, fans and sponsors, our friends and family and, of course, all our amazing canine family.

Today we celebrate our Dog Fan Club members by holding a bonus Dog Fan Club draw.

Congratulations to the students of the Northern Lights Academy right here in Fairbanks who are fans of BEAN.

Bean has finally calmed down a little, at least enough to wrangle her into a harness. That pup is certainly meant to pull and we are so excited to have her part of the team. She has been partnered with her sister Creamer for many of the training runs and they work very nicely together. The two blue eyed beauties replicate their Mamma Olivia.

The students’ winning packet includes some fun and interesting stuff for the classroom plus a photo print portrait of Bean. We hope you enjoy your packet!

Our next regular draw will be December 2nd and everyone who hasn’t already won and joined by then will be in to win!

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6 Responses

  • Congrats Bean and Students!!! Bean looks like a young little powerhouse!!! I have always loved her lil brown "spot" around her eye too….makes her stand out in a crowd of SPK Dogs!

  • How wonderful for the students of Northern Lights Academy. Everyone in the fan club would love to be the recipient of the drawing, This is a fantastic way of opening a door to a new generation to appreciate the heritage of their ancestors.

  • I love the before and after shots, from puppyness to now. Time is flying by, and these beautiful animals show it so well. Thank you for an extra draw for these students.

  • Bravo Bean!!!

    The first of many "awards" I'll bet!!! Looks like she's growing into her relatives of the "Honkey-Tonk" litter looks!!! So very pretty!!!


    And altho' not a winner in this extra draw, very pretty sister Creamer (favoring her Daddy's side???) gets a woof-woof for Thanksgiving, too!!!

  • Congrats students!!

    I as a fan am also very thankful to SP Kennel, your dedication and drive to dedicate your life to what you love, the behind the scenes SP Kennel team, the SP Kennel sponsors as well sharing your driven life with us!!

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