Thanks for being such a good sport Tiggy.

Photos: Jeanne Schnackenberg

Tig is of course the ‘odd dog out’ here at SP Kennel. A Black Lab born into a world full of huskys (ugly duckling comes to mind!) HERE is a website post from summer 2016 about how she helps around the kennel.

For being such a good sport we have opened up the Dog Fan Club to include her! Click the button below for instructions on how to join her Fan Club.

Click this button to take you directly to the Dog Fan Page.

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  • There are no words to express how cute this is! Tig, you are a good dog! Making her part of the dog fan club is so great! After all, she is part of SPKennel, she just plays a different role and has different talents than the racing dogs

  • Tigs is adorable in her ghost costume but I'm glad you took a photo without it – I so love to see her shiny black coat – Eagle Pack is good stuff!

  • So very glad you have included Tig in the club She is such a excellent dog a helper , puppy trainer , hunter , companion what more could one ask for bet she could also pull a sled

  • Eeeeek……Tig…you scared me girl!! Awesome photo shoot for the Halloween Holiday!! I think we would all welcome a dog like Tig to help out and around the house!! She is an amazing lab… go girl!! Happy Halloween everyone!!

  • Good sport Tig! Tobi says better you than her. We tried rabbit ears one year and she was NOT happy. Now she's happy to just have a Halloween bow on her collar. Happy Halloween Tig and your kennel-mates (two and four legged!)

    Your friends in Erie, PA
    Lisa, Charlene, Tobi and Gabi (resident cat)

  • Tig you are a super dog. Am glad you are included in fan club. SPK would not be the same without you.


    What a perfect pic for a …retriever on the racing team dog page – Tig is their "mascot!!!"


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