October 1st marks the day we “officially” open our supporter season. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past. We know the phrase “we couldn’t do it without you” is sometimes overused but in this instance it is absolutely true. And, it’s not just the monetary support you give us… it’s knowing you are all with us in spirit and cheering us on that helps us along the way. Never more has that been felt than last season – thank you all.

Today we open our “Join The Team” and “Support the Dog Log” supporter options. The “Dog Fan Club” will open soon, so watch this space.

This year our Red Team membership thank you packet has a brand new SP Kennel t-shirt. We hope you love it as much as we do. The Membership certificate is a fantastic photograph taken by Sebastian Schnuelle during the 2016 Iditarod. Thanks for letting us use it Sebastian!

As many of you already have an iconic red SPK beanie (or in some cases, MULTIPLE red beanies) we are not including one in our “standard” membership. If you would like one you can simply “Upgrade” your membership for an extra $15 and we will include the beanie. Note: beanies are not available on their own, you can only get one through the upgraded team membership.

Our Black Team membership thank you packet has a very cool cotton tote which is great for carrying all manner of things: dog treats, bones, harnesses and booties… or, a laptop, your lunch or some groceries. You can upgrade your membership of the Black Team also and receive a black SPK beanie.

We are grateful to have been given permission to use the amazing shot from Julien Schroder for our Membership certificate this year. It was taken during the 2016 Yukon Quest.

To become a team member you can hit the “Join the Team” button on the left at any time during the season, or you can hit this one now:

Our “Support the Dog Log” supporter option is available all year round. For anything from $5 to $50 you can support our website. Your name will appear on the site as a thank you!

You’ll notice we have cleared the rosters of supporters (on the RHS of the blog) ready for the new season and the Dog and Puppy pages have been updated a little. We will have new portraits taken later in the month and all the team cards will be properly updated then with new “blurbs” and photos. We’ll let you know when they are up.

Team membership packets will be sent out starting in November.

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  • WOW!!!!! We LOVE the new Red and Black Team Goodies!!!! The T Shirt and Tote designs are SO clever!!! Love the Team certificate pictures too…look at those happy SPK Sled Dog faces!! YES, the SPK Fan Season is off to a terrific start!!

  • Ditto to Nessmuk.
    Get to be part of the team,
    and score gorgeous posters and amazing gifts!

  • Wonderful new red and black team support goodies. I love them both. Thanks SPK you are the best!!

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