The puppies are nearly 3 months old. Mama Quito still enjoys playing with them and the threesome definitely enjoy romping in the woods and fields near the kennel.

Prata motors down the trail.

Bronze takes a break in the bushes.

Gold relaxes after tromping down the trail.

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  • So cute!! Prata with both ears "up"….both Bronze and Gold seemed to be in between ears "up or down"…no worries….just romp around the trails little ones! Enjoy time with Mama Quito!!

  • Look at Prata's ears! Looking like a great racing trio of your future. Thanks for sharing.
    Padee in Fairbanks

  • I don't know how you get anything done. I would be playing with them, I mean exercising them every day, all day. These puppies are so cute. Their eyes just beam with intelligence. What a treasure puppies are at SPK, for all of us.

  • Beautiful pups!!! Thanks so much for sharing these pix of the Quito-Clyde Olympics Litter – they are adorable!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!



  • What adorable puppies. They are growing so fast and Prata looks so much like Quito. Thanks so much for the cute puppy pictures.

  • Great Photos! So nice to see them playing and learning about their kingdom. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date! Prada is one alert and proud prancing pup! Bronze looks so alert and interactive and personable while Gold looks like an investigative detective pup.

    Want to kiss and hold them all!

    Trish McAleer

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