Jeanne came to the kennel earlier this week and immersed herself in two straight days of dog photography. She has amazing skills with a camera (and with dogs.) Thank goodness!

Jeanne, Chevie and Rambler bond before snapshots; the “Set Up”: Chris convinces Kodiak to pose while Tami and Jeanne set up.

Portrait Day at SP Kennel is a full on process that is both ridiculous and important at the same time. But the SP Kennel Crew pulled it off again. Everyone helped out tremendously: from Madi adjusting the brand new dog collars, Mykena tirelessly bringing dogs in and out and Ruth getting everyone to ‘weigh in’. We got all the dogs looking sharp before they got in front of the lens. Tami recorded dog weights and made sure each dog was identified for their portrait sitting (that can be tricky… look at Barista and Daisy or Torch and Creamer!) At that point it was Chris’ job to assist with canine modeling. Aliy did her best to ‘make each dog smile’. If you have ever been part of a grade school picture day… multiply the chaos factor times 10. But, in the end, each dog did ‘smile’ in their own way.

Violet says “Let me in! It’s my turn.”; Madi comforts QT before her session; Amber gets a well deserved belly rub post photo shoot.

Amazingly, Jeanne was able to take fantastic portraits of everyone. She is now editing and we will put them on the website for all to see as soon as we can.

After the portraits were done, we had some fun with the Halloween theme. (We should probably apologize to Tig right off the bat for those photos. Sorry Tig.) You will see the results soon!

Then came the puppy portraits. Oh my… as our long time kennel followers know, we have a lot to live up to. The glamorous puppy group photos of the Secret Litter and the Fire Pups are stupendous. Since there were only three pups this year, we thought it would be easy. It wasn’t. Stayed tuned. We promise to post all the new photos after they pass the photographer’s editing and inspection.

And once again… Thank you so much Jeanne!

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  • This is always one of the highlights of being an SPK Fan…..the anticipation of the yearly portraits!! Just like people, I bet some dogs are more photogenic than others…..what a challenge! We can't wait to see how they all look!! Your description does remind me of the elementary school picture day but with lots more chaos and fun! Glad you had a great crew to make it all come together! Now us fans wait for the unveiling….oh the anticipation!!

  • WOOF!!!

    I keep coming back to these pix and marvel that dogs can sit still long enough!!! Can't wait to see the final presentation!!!

    Violet must be checking to see what Amber did for a pose…

    So much fun,



  • So excited to see the new pictures. They are always fabulous. Yes share some bloopers while we are waiting for final editing. Oh my the anticipation!!

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