Sincere thanks to everyone who has joined our Dog Fan Club. We are so excited that every dog has at least one fan and that you have all taken this program and our dogs to your hearts. We appreciate you all.

We made our first random draw today and congratulations to Jeanne Hammel who is a fan of Driver.

Driver is still the big, happy lug that he’s always been. He is a sweetheart but his excitement will get the best of him when the harnesses come out. He is STRONG and driven – this will help the team when it comes to overall power. He won’t let up… ever!

Last season was an important one for Driver and he comes into the new season with some important experience under his harness.

Jeanne wins an Iditarod 2016 poster plus an SP Kennel patch. Of course she will get a photo print portrait of Driver (just taken this past week!). We hope you enjoy your packet Jeanne!

Our next draw will be November 4th and everyone who has joined by then will be in the draw to win!

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PS there was quite flurry of activity over the first couple of weeks so if you joined and don’t see your name please let us know at

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