SP Kennel is fielding three teams in the 2017 Copper Basin 300! Allen will run the Black Team, Aliy the Red Team and Chris will run a Red & Black Team of youngsters in his first 300 mile race.

As with last year, the CB300 committee allowed the top 10 finishers in the 2016 race the opportunity to sign-up before they opened registration to all other mushers. This was because for the last couple of years the race filled up almost immediately and they wanted to be sure their defending champs and place-getters secured an entry and didn’t have to sit on a waitlist hoping to get in.

Then it was a nervous wait for Chris to submit his entry once the race was opened to everyone else. We were really pleased to see his name amongst the 50 mushers that have entered!

SPK enjoys the CB300 and have enjoyed much success in this race. Allen and the SPK Black Team have won this race six times and finished in 3rd position last year behind Matt Hall and Ryne Olson. Aliy and the Red Team have finished in the top 10 on multiple occasions, including their best finish in 4th place last year. It is billed as “the toughest 300 miles in Alaska” and we would definitely agree. We’ve experienced extremes in terrain, in weather and in competition and it is a great test for musher, dogs and handler teams!

Last year’s top four: Matt Hall, Ryne Olson, Aliy and Allen (Photo credit: Mary-Beth Schreck who was volunteering for the race and is Nomex’s sponsor

So, look out for the all three SPK teams when the race starts on January 14th in Glennallen! We’re excited!!

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  • This is sooooo exciting!
    I have been waiting for this awesome news.
    Copper Basin is going to be Fantastic this year,
    with three SPK teams!

  • YES….I love this race!!! I know Allen and the Black Team has some more CB300 wins in him….he is the master! Two Rivers was certainly well represented in the winner circle last year! So glad Chris got a shot at this one too with the Red and Black Team! 3 short months away!!

  • Yes – let it begin. The Fall training, the Fall work and preparation. Go, go, go. We are all watching and following and cheering you on. I am soooo excited to read about the progress. The 2-leggeds and the 4-leggeds. Thank you for sharing. This racing season is going to be challenging and fun. SPK will be ready. We all know that. And we're all watching, thanks to your posts. Run with it and don't forget we're with you. Whatever happens, you and your dogs have a HUGE "family" of dedicated and devoted fans. We love you. That isn't going to change, no matter if you place first or last. We know your dedication to your dogs and the joy you have in your lives with those dogs is unbeatable.

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