This post will be all about coffee (Aliy’s favorite topic after dogs.) But let’s also talk SP Kennel Yearlings. The Coffee Litter is amazing!

A – M – A – Z – I – N – G.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone since it is the third time this breeding was repeated with great success in previous years. Nacho and Olivia are the perfect combo of strength, dedication, enthusiasm and humor. Humor? Yes. We all need to smile a little bit more these days. So we are consciously making humor and happiness play a significant part in SP Kennel’s training policy this Fall.

This photo (by Jeanne) shows the whole family returning from an hour long training run last week. (R-L): Mom and Dad in lead – followed by Sanka, Creamer, Barista (head high), Bean, Decaf and Perky.

Barista would in fact be a very good barista. She has patience but quite a bit of flair. She is pretty and likes to tell the boys what to do. Perky is still her BFF and she bosses him around despite the fact that he has about 5 pounds on her now. She is a ‘plain brown’ dog but she is solid in the team and works like a champion.

Bean is a little spark plug. She is the smallest of the litter but will be bigger than both Lydia and Chipper. Bean is always excited. Always! She lives in the adult male yard because they enjoy her scattered enthusiasm. She has surprised us while in harness because she takes her job seriously and doesn’t play or get sidetracked (which is exactly what she does while out of harness.)

Creamer is the ‘pretty girl’ with long legs, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is more calm while in harness but certainly aware of what’s going on; perhaps we can call her focused. (Big word for a yearling!) She should be the size and build of her big sister Junior. She has a steady gait and a desire to truck down the trail.

Decaf is NOT decaffeinated! He is loud and obnoxious. You gotta have one in the litter, right. But “DEE” is happy, loves to go and will yell at you if you stop the team for any length of time. He gobbles his food with unbridled speed, sometimes gagging mid mouthful. Decaf enjoys everyone: people and dogs and that is sure nice to witness.

Perky is still the same. PERKY! He is one of the happiest dogs ever – resembles his Daddy quite a bit and simply enjoys life. He is long legged and tall. He is the biggest pup of the litter but will not be larger than Dad. He will be a great addition to the team.

Sanka is a little shy and timid while at her house but she has passion when in harness. Perhaps another Jekyll & Hyde in the making? She is just a few pounds larger than Bean, so she will not be a huge girl. She likes to eat as well and can chew through a bowl of dog kibble in seconds.

Stay tuned the Golden Harness Litter is next…

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  • Y E A R L I N G S R U L E
    Awesome info in this post!!!

    "She'll have fun, fun, fun 'til her Daddy takes the T-Bird away"

    Getting into the spirit of training, best,


  • Nacho and Ms O! Love these pups. Perfect description of each one. Are we there yet!? Run little happy dogs.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • This picture of the whole family is absolutely perfect!!!
    They all look happy, gorgeous, and energetic.
    Pretty cute Barista, making sure Jeanne gets you in the pic!

  • Very cool to see Mom and Dad in lead with their offspring following. Great picture to look back on in a couple of years. Enjoyed all the descriptions of the yearlings. Looking good Coffee litter.

  • That is a beautiful family photo. Looks like Olivia and Nacho are thinking that it doesn't get any better than this.


  • Wonderful!! I am a serious caffeineaholic and by golly this litteer really rings my bells! I'm a fan of Creamer and of course her mom and dad are real rock stars all the way. What a great report!!! eager to follow their progress.

  • What a great family picture!! I love seeing them all working together! The individual write ups give some great insight too for us fans to enjoy! They all sound so promising in their talents….Good job Olivia and Nacho….again!

  • Awesome write up and love the fact that humor and happiness is a part of the training. Once again SPK teaches us all some life lessons….we definitely all need some humor in our lives. Love the smiles from the pups to Aliy! Back atcha!

    Charlene & Lisa
    Erie PA

  • Synchronicity.

    Just a note – all the Coffee Litter are in step with Mom and Dad (well, Bean is a bit off, maybe because she is the wee one!).

    Good lookin' and a sense of rhythm, too!!!

  • Yes it is a great family photo, the kind I would love to have – beautiful day, big smiles, heads up, Perfect.

  • What an awesome family picture. Olivia & Nacho have produced some outstanding, fabulous,awesome, great, fantastic, & gorgeous dogs. Thanks for the great individual write ups.

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