Aliy went to the Two Rivers K – 8 School to help celebrate Nation School Lunch Week. Many students in the Two Rivers area eat both breakfast and lunch at the school. Actually, public schools across the United Staes feed over 31 million students every day. The kids gets food choices and sometimes they ask for a little advice on their choices.

Aliy and Allen are very motivated to maintain healthy lifestyles – which includes eating nutritionally balanced meals and remaining physically active. So, Aliy went to school to talk a little about her favorite snacks and what it takes to stay strong while mushing for 9 to 11 days.

The kid audience was very fun and interactive. Many of them see Aliy and Allen at Pleasant Valley Store during the Valley Funale picnic and Sled Dog Races and well as around town. But, it is always fun to visit with neighbors and just simply say “Hi!” Aliy decided that since this was a special audience she would share a story that she doesn’t often talk about: arm wrestling. The kids thought that was the best story that they had ever heard.
“What do I have to eat to become THAT strong?!?!”

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  • Fantastic annotated post!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Loved the links to events in a mushing family's (2 and 4 legs) life!!!

    An example of "teaching moment" from previous "Great Race" (Iditarod 2015) was awesome and brilliant example of "making lemonade out of a lemon" of that experience!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!

  • I remember school lunches!! Sounds like they have more nutritious choices for kids these days to get a good meal! Ah, the famous arm wrestling contest in Nome…yeah, wow….OUCH!! Aliy eats her spinach to be THAT strong…just like Popeye! Bet the kids couldn't wait to go home and tell their families about their special school guest! How fun!

  • Thanks, for telling the youngsters about the importance of healthy eating. I am sure the arm wresting event was a special high light! The kids seemed to be very attentive.

  • I'd forgotten about the arm wrestling incident- thought it had just been filed away. What a perfect audience to dust it off for!

    Once again, much admiration.

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