The dog portraits are complete and we are in the process of updating the Dog and Puppy pages with their new glam shots. This is quite an undertaking so keep checking back to see your favourites. We’ll let you know once they are all up.

In the meantime we thought you would enjoy a sneak peek at some of them.

Jeanne (right, with Prata, Gold and Bronze) captured the dogs true personalities and quirks. She really knows the SP Kennels dogs.

I think my favourite of them all is Sissy’s portrait; Jeanne has captured her happy self and she looks so relaxed. Check out how mature and handsome Five is looking in his glam shot.

Sissy-bean enjoying her day; Five is a handsome boy

A sentimental favourite you might enjoy is of Nutmeg; you can see she is a kennel elder and I love her softer expression. Daisy is looking so much more mature as a three year old.

A senior study of Meg; Daisy is growing up

Each year we are especially excited for you to see the latest pictures of our yearling class. These are the dogs you will notice the most change from their last season’s puppy pictures. Take a look at these comparisons from this time last year and see how grown up these kids are now!

Dancer 2016 and 2015

McCaw 2016 and 2015

Perky 2016 and 2015

Due to popular demand, here are a few outtakes!

tra-la-la-la-la; “Hey hooman, I look like you”

ummm… this way; Prata’s rabbit ears

Thanks again to Jeanne Schnackenberg for sharing her incredible talent with us all!

– Moira

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  • Thanks so very much for this post and the inside scoop on the photo session and the artistic portraiture of your camera-artist Jeanne!!!

    Such charming and beautiful doggies!!!



    P.S. That's a "V" for victory, not second place, for "silver" Prata, clearly Quito's look-alike???

  • Oh my! Fantastic shots. Parts is looking fancy! Meg is queenly, and Ram bam? Moira, Aliy and Jeannie great job. Big question – how the heck did they get so clean and pretty for their photos? Did you put a dog wash in the puppy room!? Thanks ALL, mush on.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • The change in the puppies is incredible! The outtakes are great, especially the one with hind quarters to the camera! I cannot even imagine how difficult it is to get a portrait of these active dogs. My favorite, though, is Nutmeg. Senior dogs are so special. I wasn't connected to this when she was in her prime, but she is beautiful. Thanks so much for the sneak peak.

  • Five!!!! Five has been my guy from the start. What a big boy! Love the rest of the pics, too! Thanks for the sneak peak!!

    Best regards,

    Charlene (and Lisa)
    Erie, PA

  • Oh my!!! This is such a tease! I love the new portrait looks and wow…the pups have really changed looks from cute puppies to gorgeous dogs!!! I don't think I could have guessed that was Perky…and Dancer looks like a very HAPPY Sled Dog! Meg looks sweet….I see where Champ and Cayenne get their coloration from. They all look fantastic…I will check back more often than usual (is that even possible) for the full Glam Shot post!

    PS: As always, love the outtakes!

  • Very nice photos – as always – and especially keen on seeing Dancer in the line up today. I am impressed you got that happy, intelligent and engaged girl to hold still that long.

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