With the first day of Fall comes the first day of training!

We’re excited to get back on the trails of Two Rivers and into the 2016-17 season!!

Right now the runs are at dawn when it is cooler and are very short, in fact it takes longer to harness the team than to run! We will slowly build up mileages and mix up the terrain ready for the season ahead.

Are you ready?

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  • Woo-hoo!! I'm ready! Been working out my "refresh" finger all summer! Love seeing happy dogs doing what they love!


    What a brain-teaser…

    I hesitate to guess who's who…having been concentrating on recognition via the opposite direction for the past weeks!

    Thanks ever so much for this post!!!

  • Good luck to both the Red and Black teams in the coming season! We will be following you from Arkansas.

  • I am SO ready, as is everyone else. Look forward to reading every new post and thoroughly enjoy them. Kudos to all at SP Kennel and sending positive thoughts your way. Can hardly wait to be there for the Iditarod ceremonial start in Anchorage and then the Official Restart. It has been my dream for many years and finally will be there in 2017! Hope every one of your fans has the opportunity to do this soon.

  • YES…we are ready here in the Adirondacks for Racing season!!! Ditto to Margarets comments…I too realized my SPK Sled Dog ID skills have been "front forward" for the most point! I got to brush up!! Its going to be a GREAT season!!! Glad to hear you are out on the trails!!

  • Might be Chipper up front on the right???

    P.S. My apologies to Chipper if I have used her name in vain

  • On Nelson on Outlaw
    Go Driver and Daisy
    Come on Coal and Clyde

    I don't know who is who,
    from the front or the back….
    Go SPK!
    Woohoo, It's training season, and I bet the pups are

  • Yeah, training runs again. Was amused at your statement that it takes longer to harness the team than to go on training run. Go SPK.

  • Saw on the news last night that it's wet there. Hope everyone's enjoying it nonetheless! Scored a copy of the movie "Snow Dogs" at the Goodwill today so will have to play that over & over until racing season!

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