Each year the pups from the previous summer become our “yearlings”. This officially happened TODAY for the Coffee Pups who were born exactly one year ago. The “Goldies” will not turn a year old until October 11th.

One of the absolute best things about running a kennel is seeing the new generation start to find their feet and learn which way is forwards. At the end of last season we managed to get the Coffee Litter out in harness for the first time – check out this video of their first run. In the spring the Golden Harness litter was still a little small and immature to start so we waited until the fall to get them in harness.

Since training season has started we’ve had the babes out a number of times running amongst some more experienced team mates.

Hotshot and Cayenne in front, Bruno behind; Champ and Sanka in front, Outlaw and Creamer middle, Dancer in the rear.

We will post a more detailed account of their individual antics as the training progresses. You’ll see from this video (taken today, September 23rd) that the all have their “sled dog” legs under themselves.

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