The Olympic Litter: Gold, Prata and Bronze have just turned 8 weeks old. They are sassy and fully of energy. They seem to be the perfect combination of Quito — with her quick wit and smarts — and Clyde — with his endless appetite and charging energy. They spend time rotating between pens and have found the “Plaza” (just outside the basement door) to be their current favorite. The pups have been exploring the forests and trails all around the neighborhood.

Here are some great photos that were taken by our good friend Donna Dewhurst. She has been taking awesome Alaska pictures for many years. She has had her work in Alaska Magazine and several other publications. Donna and her husband, Scott were in Denali National Park last week and were able to drive the 3 hours north and east to SP Kennel for an afternoon of dog fun.

Check these pictures out: Amazing!


HERE are more photos from Donna.

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