There are many Fall chores to complete before the snow flies. Cleaning out dog houses and attaching new name plates is just one. Allen, Aliy and all the SP Dogs know in which dog house they reside but not necessarily every helper or visitor to the kennel knows who is who. (“No that’s Willie… he is furrier and wags his tail slower. Ernie is thinner and wags his tail rapidly. And Clyde has a very pink nose.”)

It is important that there is some sort of guide to the madness of returning dogs to their spots after a training run or Chemo will absolutely go eat Nomex’s food before trotting over to his house, right next door, and then eating his own kibble. Then poor Nomex returns and “Hey… What the heck/?!?!?” Or Scout will saunter around the entire yard with his tail curled up, claiming: “I just can’t remember where my house is.” LIAR! He’s lived at the same house for 8 years.

Anyhow, name plates are great and helpful. But, because SP Kennel sled dogs are still actually dogs (chew chew chew), they do not last for years and years. The rain, snow, sleet and dog teeth get the best of many name tags annually. It is a big task to cut, paint and write the dogs’ names (legibly). That task has fallen on Aliy’s Mom, Mickey, for the last 10 years. She takes it seriously and sprays the completed signs with a shiny gloss protecting.

Look and see:

New name plates are sorted ‘carefully’; A dog yard map – just in case you get lost. HA!

Scruggs really wants to help with the screw gun; Ta Da… the final product.

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  • Gorgeous!!!

    What's a mother for, anyway? Mickey is the best!!!


    Thanks so much for doing these things as well as letting us see the beautifully lettered nameplates!!!

  • Nicely done Mickey!!!

    Wow…thats a lot of name plates to crank out!!! I am a bit of a woodworker too and on occassion make a sign or two…but thats A LOT of signs in one summer session!!!! Mickey is master of the name plates!

    Chemo buddy….don't be eating your neigbors food you ole food hound! Im sure he means no disrespect Nomex…maybe the new name plates will help Chemo remember his manners! LOL!!

  • Oh thank goodness. Ms Daisy was needing a new one! How many folks think the dogs can read their own name?! and I wonder where Woody will find a new house? Ernie likes his spot.
    Thanks to your mom and dad for all their special touches every summer!
    Padee Faribanks

  • I like these stories that show the different personalities of the dogs, and those who love them too. What great care goes into every facet of SPK. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I see the three pups are stacked – will they stay in one house for a while?

  • Looking good! Nice job Mickey.
    I can't help but think of the frustration if one name was missed while applying the tags, and having to go back and remove and replace.
    I hope application all goes smoothly too.

    Scout, ha ha, he's just checking out his kingdom.

  • Thanks ever so much for this post!!!

    It may or may not be "changing of the guard" time, but it sure was "chamnging of the name-plates time!!!"

    Yellow is a color definitely in the range of dogs (while red is not – comes out more like brownish???).

    Scout is a funny guy!!!

  • I always wondered who did the fine lettering each year, but the map and location do NOT always hold true since you all are constantly moving critters around for this and that reason!

  • What great name plates, and excellent job Mickey. Love the yellow color. Scout you are too funny. Thanks so much for the post. It is almost time to grade the dog yard again, isn't it?

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