Back in April, Aliy and Moira attended a fundraiser in Fairbanks which annually raises money to advance the rights and needs of women, children and families in Alaska.

Aliy donated a kennel visit and sled ride for the outcry auction and, in turn, won an auction item herself. She won a wall Mural to be hand painted by local Alaskan artists, Barb and Bev. Last week the mural was completed! We now have quite the special “Map Feature” taking up an entire wall of our garage.

Barb (with Gold) and Bev start the project; Group selfie with Mural.

We spend a bit of time in the garage during the long winter months: packing drop bags, fixing sleds, weighing and vet checking dogs, sorting booties, etc, etc. So, it goes with out saying, this awesome additional is certainly going to brighten up the room and add some conversation!

Thanks so much Bev and Barb – we love it!!

See the cabin in the center of Alaska? That’s us!!!

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  • What a great map! I see Bettles is on the map and that is where
    Aliy used to live–Great!! Yukon Quest lines also-Go Allen!

  • Cool, and it looks like Yukon Quest and some Iditarod trail all included. Inspiration while you pack.
    I love the cabin in the middle. Thanks for pointing it out, I had to zoom in to see, pretty cute!

  • Thanks so much for letting us all know!!!

    That is is one awesome prize!!! Nice job Barb and Bev!!!

    It makes Alaska come alive for me…there's Bettles!!! Russia practically out the kitchen window if you are in Nome! SP Kennel teams on the Yukon Quest trail as well as on the Iditarod!!!

    And to see that Fairbanks is almost up near the Arctic Circle!

    Best prize ever!!!

  • I LOVE maps!! Now that really puts things in perspective!! Well done Barb and Bev!! Perhaps someday there will be a month long race called the IditaQuest starting in Whitehorse and ending in Nome with a week long mandatory rest in Fairbanks…kind of like 2015 when they did exactly that between the 2 races. Yup….a 2,000 mile race! I like how Barb and Bev's map displays how long the mighty Yukon is! Us race fans tend to loose track of it after Kaltag or Anvik. Very cool!

  • Yes, I can just see you guys stopping your chores & planning so many things looking at the map! Great job Barb & Bev. Wonderful prize Aliy. It is great both Yukon Quest & Iditarod races are detailed on map.

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