The pups are named: ‘Gold’, ‘Prata’ and ‘Bronze’. While gold and bronze seem like obvious names for pups born during the 2016 Olympics games, prata might not. Some of you might think ‘Silver’ would be the obvious third choose. However, we were hesitant to name a puppy with the same name as quite a few other sled dogs in Alaska – including one very notable dog. Since ‘Prata’ means silver in Portuguese and many SP Kennel dog names already have an international flair… why not?

L-R: Gold, Prata and Bronze in a harness pile; Gold wanders around the house.

The pups have just turned 4 weeks old. They are happy and healthy. Gold is by far the largest and most daring. Prata is a cuddle bug and likes to stick next to her Mama. Bronze has an adventurous gene and is hard to keep up with now.

They are spending quality time in the SP Kennel house or in the Dog Room – always accompanied by Mama. They have explored the outdoors in the last few days and even had a tour of the driveway. However, the weather has been very damp these past few weeks so they will remain living indoors until they are older or more sunshine appears.

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  • Love the precious little future champs and their names. Quito is a good mommy though she is looking a little tired. Well, no wonder–it is a tuff job! Yep Prada is still my fave and a future 'fanned' dog on my list. That little face got me right away.

  • Quito was like "you can handle them for a couple minutes, Aliy, while I stretch my legs". They are darling, short legged, fat puppies. HA, no four wheel drive. Yes, one particularly was about ready to high center in the foliage by the road. So much fun to watch.

  • OMG…so cute….fat, happy, healthy pups!! Love the names….easy to remember this Olympic Litter….with an international twist! Very well thought out and appropriate! Quito is a good Momma…very serious about her role….but yeah….I think she would like to run with the ATV for a break from the pups! Gonna love watching this lil litter grow up!

  • Quito is feeding them well! Perfect names for the three.
    They are growing fast–cuties! I like how they were on the
    harnesses–good pictures!

  • Such cute chunky monkeys – momma Quito isn't slacking in her feeding duties. Love the names and before we know it these three will be lean leggy athletes. Thanks for the video and for letting us see the progress of the latest future superstars.

  • 1 minute 34 seconds of bliss. When Quito keeps going for a couple of seconds it reminded me of needing to take a break, even a short break sometimes. And watching these puppies looking at things, mom, dirt, road, grass, Aliy, camera, mom, sibs, just makes me wonder what is going on in their little heads? And then, how do you manage to capture these evocative moments so very well? thanks again.

  • Thanks! I was really craving a puppy update, good grief they are amazing. Just love the names and clever silver twist. Very international incorporating this with it being Olympic time. Nice surprise as I was wondering what clever names you would pick.

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