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  • nice Aliy and Allen. I bet he was telling her something like, "When we pass those other teams just ignore them they will be jealous and try to convince you to slow down, but don't pay them no mind!"
    the Rio litter rocks.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Very cute! I bet these three pups are going to get lots of special attention because there are only three of them. It will be fun to watch them grow up.

  • ARGHHHH! Puppy envy!!!!!!
    Adorable (of course) future stars (probable) of the amazing (always) SP Kennel. (Allen – you too!)
    Thank you for sharing the pics – made my day.

  • A special little gift, this litter is!!!

    And Bronze isn't taking any threats or intimidation from bears, either, as early trail training!!!


    Prata pic gives us all a sense of exactly how tiny these Olympians really are right now, best wishes to Mama Quito and Daddy Clyde!!!

  • Lovin' these pups! Don't let Allen get Prata over to the Dark side. She is a Red Team pup all the way (ha ha). What great crew and looking forward to watching them in the future.

  • Love it. They are so precious at this stage but they will be big doggies soon like the last two years's litters already are. Like Emmy Lou's song, they were born to run. Enjoy them now while they are little, though.

  • These pups are so adorable. Allen & Prata are discussing future race strategy for all the 1000 mile races, they will be rocking down the trail together. Thanks for sharing.

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