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  • Oh, haha.. so funny. I have yet to see the Moon didn't know it was full! Thanks for the Hoowwlll, Aliy and all the furry ones!
    Padee in Fairbanks

  • Now that's the real thing, even if it isn't an inky dark sky!!!

    Love how they hesitated until you encouraged them to go for it!!!

    Thanks so much, best,


  • Yup….that howl got my 3 German Shepherds howling!! How beautiful with the full moon!! Awesome looking (and sounding) dog yard! Nothing beats an SPK Howl!! I like how Iron was cheerleading them all on!!

  • I just played this and my husky/collie mix joined right in. Love, love, love–thanks for sharing!!

  • Jon Brown – Dog
    Yes that was another dog yard that is very close by who joined in at the end. From our balcony we can hear about six different sled dog kennels or more on a cold, clear day.

  • So interesting. While I was watching it I was thinking that you must be far from anyone else. (My neighbors would howl). I confess I am still partial to the puppy howl followed by the all SPK chorus and watch it at least 1 x per day. I love these videos so much. Thank you.

  • Aliy-You have such an amazing connection with these dogs that can
    get them to start and stop. Wonderful–makes me SMILE!

  • Thanks again and again!!! ENCORE!!!

    It is so musical how the SPK Orchestra "tunes up" at your command. as Maestro!!!

    And it is funny, too, how the gang in the back, perhaps the percussion section, with the guy with the gorgeous tail in the back (Mr. Timpani?) is all excited waiting for his moment to shine!!!

    As I look at a chart of xactly where instruments are arranged it looks…exactly like your dog yard!!!

    Thanks again for this lovely video plus full moon and sky – simply gorgeous!!!

  • oh hey Aliy,
    love our summer Hooowwwl's.. I have shown them to a Lab puppy who hasn't howled yet. I hope its inspiring her to howl soon. it sure cracks me up and I join in too.
    Thanks for the lovely family song!
    Padee Fairbanks

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