Most of the puppies born at SP Kennel arrive during the summer which is ‘down time’ for the kennel. This means when it is their birthday we have the opportunity to celebrate it.

But occasionally puppies have been born during the early spring or late fall during the ‘busy season’ so we haven’t had the chance to celebrate. Therefore, in a new short series we will wish Happy Non-Birthday to a few of these dogs. We’ll start with handsome boy Chemo!

Chemo’s actual birthday is April 20th so today, August 20th Chemo turns 6 1/3 years old.

Chemo and his sister I.V. were born at the kennel. Chemo and I.V.’s names may seem very unique and there is a great story behind them. Click here to read some background.

Chemo has gone on to be a very important team member. He ended last season with a third place in the Iditarod and second in the Yukon Quest 300. He has raced six 1000 mile races and a host of other middle distances.

Chemo is such a lovely boy. He is quite a sensitive soul and can be a bit shy when meeting new people but is very loving and affectionate to those he knows. Aliy wrote of him after this year’s Iditarod: “Chemo is an honest, carefree addition to any team. He is genuinely a happy character and likes to travel down the trail. He stayed healthy throughout the race and slowly moved his way farther up the team as we neared the finish. Chemo is definitely talented, but sometimes I had to convince him of that fact. I think he dug pretty deep to finish this race and I am proud of him for that.”

Chemo takes centre stage as the team pulls into Central during the 2016 YQ300 (picture by Julien Schroder)

He’s is happy to lead a team, and just as happy to run as an important team dog. He’s a talented, good looking and kind hearted boy. The perfect guy.

Meet him as a three year old in this video:

PS: Chemo’s sister I.V. unfortunately suffered a racing-dog career ending injury while she was playing in the yard a couple of years ago. Although she is not in any pain and it doesn’t stop her being a fantastic pet dog, she could no longer pull a sled so she retired early at age 4. Read more here.

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    Happy Birthday (late)number Six, Chemo – who in himself is a fine treatment for anything that ails!!! WOOF!!! times six.

    Chena likes you a lot!!!

    –Margaret (Chena's sponsor)

  • The names Chemo and I.V. have such a special story behind them. Thanks for sharing the link with that information. Also, the Julien Schroeder pics are so great.

  • Chemo is simply adorable!!! Love you, Chemo!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆ

  • What a nice suprise to see our boy Chemo's happy face on the Dog Log after a long day working on the Homestead! Your Sponsor Moms love ya Buddy!!! Im looking forward to bonding with you sometime next summer so you can get to know me a bit better! Im sure I will be a person you can show some "love and affection" to once you get to know me….I promise to return it "10 fold"!! Loving you every day Birthday Boy!

    Glad to hear IV is doing well as a pet dog….she was a talented young sled dog for sure! That Pepper/Bubba match was a good one! Happy Birthday all the way around!

  • Happy birthday, Chemo. You are an awesome dog. Hope you enjoyed your extra birthday treats.

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