While many of us in the US are enduring sweltering conditions we thought it time to look back to December 2012 to a camping trip in the White Mountains.

Aliy captured some great footage on the way out of the White Mountains Recreational Reserve. It was a gorgeous morning and you can see how the light changes as the sun rises – you can also hear Ranger chatting all the way along the trail!

What better way to enjoy such a beautiful corner of the world than on the back of a dog sled!

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  • Spectacular scene with the snow covered trees and the sun peeking over the horizon. Just beautiful! And I feel so much cooler now, with our temps reaching 100 or higher today and heat indexes are already there. Thank You! You live in a beautiful place.

  • Wow!!! Rainbow colors. So pure. Gorgeous.

    And yes, Ranger was exclaiming these things too. WOOF!!!

    Thanks for this chillingly beautiful post!!!



  • That was gorgeous…the colors where awesome! And jeezum crow Ranger….bark, bark, bark!! It's a wonder he had energy to run while barking the whole while!! Too funny! Nice flash back on this hot and humid day here in the Adirondacks!

  • Wow! Just beautiful, especially the pink snow-covered trees & snowbanks! Looked like there were pink lights glowing under the snow. What an amazing run!

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