Before the 2016-17 Dog Mushing season starts for us, we want to take the opportunity to go through the SP Kennel dogs in depth. This will be a Series of videos showing our Racing Dogs grouped by their age class. These videos are shot while Aliy and the dogs are in one of the kennel’s ‘Play Pens’.

Here are the 4 Year Olds

The Secret Litter:

The Golf Litter:

We generally say that our Racing Dogs are between the age of 2 and 9 years old. The youngest and oldest of these dogs will usually compete on the less competitive JV Teams, whereas the dogs who are between 3 to 7 years old are often on the Varsity Teams. There always have been, and surely will be, exceptions to the average.
The Yearling Class will also have a chance to compete in limited Races during their first season in harness. However, the Youngest Class — the Puppies — will not be in harness until they are mentally and physically able to succeed. This depends upon what time of year they were born and their genetics. They could be in harness as soon as Spring or as late as Fall.
Remember that all of our dogs are individuals and there are no “Age, Gender or Size Rules” at SP Kennel. Every dog gets a chance to race.

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  • This is so great and I look forward to the other videos to come. I love the end shot in both videos of the dogs when they were puppies. I will refer back to these videos often during the racing season. Sandy was one that I enjoyed watching during the ID and became a favorite of mine. So much fun to see a glimps of these athletes in their off season life.

  • Those were awesome videos!! It's nice to see them running around and having a fun play time all together….what wonderful sled dog energy!! SPK has something special going on, that's for sure….giving each dog a chance to shine…adjusting to their own individual needs…what an winning management style! Happy dogs….happy Mushers…and very happy Fans!! Awesome post!

  • Woof, woof, woof!!! Great set of videos!!!

    Wonderful up-close-and-personal "interviews" with the
    newest faces to the main team for 2016-2017!!!

    And they are beautiful animals all!!!

    But best of all was to see Aliy out there in front of the camera doing the intros of the "future stars" – thanks so much for these!!!

  • Thanks so much for the video and updates. Your last two lines of
    your post says it all. Every dog is a special individual and has
    the chance to race. They are so lucky to have such caring people
    training them. SPK is the BEST!

  • Wonderful videos Aliy! The dogs look awesome, and it looks like you are getting around well on your rebuilt foot.
    You are set for an awesome 2017 season of racing!!!

  • Great Aliy! so fun to see everyone so animated. Chipper a bit focused on getting your attention! yippee for the golf liter, miss Woody cant wait to see him soon. Thanks for all the video update and dogstory.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Such happy happy dogs, love your sharing the personalities and seeing comparisons. Interesting between each successive batch of puppies between the same parental paring. Thanks!!

  • Hi Aliy, What glacier is Woody on? Just curious. My husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise in 2007. One of our side trips was up to a glacier outside of Juneau on an ERA helicopter where I got to "mush" for the very first time. That experience, along with a visit to Jeff King's, Husky Homestead, was the catalyst for searching, and finding, your and Allen's trip to ANWR which I did with Betsy, Terry and Helena in 2009! It remains one of the best experiences of my whole life and I'll always be thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time you, Allen and those beautiful dogs!! Just wondering if Woody is on that glacier or another one closer to you guys….

    Linda Finkel

  • Super videos. Great to see the dogs in the play pen. Aliy as always you so how awesome you, Allen & SPK are. Thanks.

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