We don’t want to spring the great news on everyone last minute, so… Quito is pregnant! Her due date is July 25th. Clyde is the proud father of this summer litter.

Quito is looking good with a small pregnant belly.

Quito is healthy and happy. She has been eating well. Much of the time, Quito has the run of the kennel. But she also has an indoor whelping box and has been spending time both indoors (on warm days) and outside.

Quito laying on the cool floor during a warm afternoon.

A slightly embarrassing photograph of the pregnant girl.

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  • Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations Quito and SPK! That is so exciting! Wishing everyone, human and pup the best and hoping for a nice easy delivery for our Quito!

  • Happiness like this is always welcome news. Puppies are such a blessing and a joy! Now I'm on pins and needles waiting, along with everyone else. Quito is such a good mother! They have the best caretakers in the world!

  • We have been eagerly awaiting news of who, what and when in regards to SPK Puppy news! Thanks for giving us all a heads up!! Quito Good Girl and Clyde you Lucky Boy…..Quito/Clyde pups….that's a winning combination for sure!!

  • How exciting. So happy for the SPK family. Quito and Clyde puppies – woo-hoooo! They are going to be fast, friendly and gorgeous! Ok – like all the other SPK puppies ….but still!… QUITO AND CLYDE. What a great combination. Congrats. Thank you for sharing your happy news.

  • Glad to hear the news of Queen Quito and King Clyde! Congrats to all at
    SPK! Will be waiting for the arrival. Thanks for sharing the wonderful

  • Yippy Mumma to be Quito & Dad to be Clyde we can't wait for the baby puppy news 👏🏻🐾🐾😍Denali and Jo 🇦🇺

  • What breathtaking news! Two of my total favorite dogs. Puppies. I have been hoping for some more good news like this.

  • What a wonderful surprise!!!

    Mr. Clyde is such great guy and a terrific eater and ChaCha's son, and well, what can you say but WOW for Quito – one more fantastic litter coming up!!!

    Thank you so much for the "heads up" – and speaking of "heads up" you can tell Quito that I assumed she was trying on the new RED TEAM helmet, a piece of safety equipment for lead dogs, perhaps?

  • It is good to see her pretty face on the site. That made my day.

    I am happy for the kennel, but with the heat over the last few days feeling a might sorry for Quito. I remember one very hot Colorado June when I was similarly encumbered.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY "FIVE" LITTER – Felicitations to you guys on your second birthday!!!


    What fun to have you to cheer for in 2016-2017!!!!


  • Awwwwwweee!! Exciting news!! Can't wait to hear the name theme you have selected this year, so sweet to have puppies!! Want one to kiss!!

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