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  • We're. Love puppy squeaks. Thanks Aliy. It will be fun to see them grow this summer.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • So sweet!!!

    Thanks so very much for letting us in on the amazingly peaceful scene!!!

    woof, woof, woof – very quietly – don't want to disturb their slumber…

  • SOOO glad they are well and momma is too! That can be worrisome. I've got my fave already–the white on her head still looks like a heart! Names? I'd be tempted to call her Valentine! Sending good vibes and energies to them all and all of SPK.

  • *I* would stay in there with them most of the time. They are adorable and that little snuggle, oh my.

  • Puppies: Hey, in two or three months can we run the Iditarod?

    SP Kennel: It doesn't work like that.

    Puppies: Then in four or five months?

    SPK: No, it doesn't work like that.

    Puppies: But mom runs sled dog races.

    SPK: I know. I go with her.

    Puppies: So….?

    SPK: No, not yet.


    SPK: Here's mom with some food.

    Puppies: Yay!

  • OMG how cute are they!! I love the stripe down the back and that red pup is so adorable and fat!! Hard to believe they will someday be in a competitive race like their Mama and Daddy! Way to grow that talent SPK!

  • What awesome puppies. Glad they & Quito are all healthy. Thanks so much for giving us a special glimpse of them.

  • Love love love the puppies! The markings on the masked and striped one are distinctive. Can't wait till we know their names and see how there coloring evolves. Puppy kisses!!

  • Love, love, love the puppies! Nothing better than a puppy pile, except a group howl, of course!

  • Awesome video!. Amazing how big they appear at one week. They are really responding to your calls. …. training has already started…. Go Team!!!😊

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