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  • Ditto on the fireworks my dog Denali loves the SP kennel howls 🇺🇸🐾🐾🇦🇺Denali & Joanne

  • Thanks so much for this terrific serenade – and there is no moon to speak of this time of year at SP Kennel!!!

    Give me a group howl anytime!!!


  • Howls. More and more howls. BRING IT ON! What wonderful natural music. My 2 huskies and a miniature pinscher howl on a regular basis many times a day. Back when I had a 'yard full of dogs' it was a peaceful constant. Now that I just have indoor huskies, they STILL break into joyful (I think it's joyful – it sounds that way) howling many times a day and night. The barred owls calling in the middle of the night can set off a howl. I can set off a howl if I start howling. It's a riot. I LOVE IT! THANK YOU for sharing the happy music of the 4-leggeds in your life.

  • Hope you have a great time today! We previously had Siberians that had issue with the fireworks however the two we have now have become accustom to bang boom window shakes due to our living backed up to Camp Pendleton here in So Cal. It is a regular event along with helicopter and aircraft action.

    How is the toe going now that you are ambulatory??

  • Oh yes, MUCH nicer to hear than the awful fireworks that we had to endure last nite! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beemer hid in my bedroom closet when the neighborhood fireworks went off!!! Beemer and Viper howled along with your video! I guess they miss their yard mates. Thanks for the memories.

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