The Five Litter turns 2 years old today. Their mother is Chica and their father is Clyde. Overall, this litter is a group of high-energy, happy dogs – a lot like Dad. Five, Rodney and Ginger all live on wooden platforms together due to their rock chewing tendencies. It’s no wonder… Chica lived on a platform during her entire racing career. Ernie lives in the front of the yard, whereas Scooby lives off to the side – where there is plenty of room to stretch his long legs.

All five of these pups have tremendous appetites and will nearly eat the food scoop as well as the kibble. This trait is passed down from their father who is the ‘best and fastest’ eater at SP Kennel. They had a magnificent yearling season and we look forward to training and racing these dogs in earnest this coming season.

High Five – is a big boy who looks even larger due to his big head. He will most likely weigh over 60 pounds. Despite his size, he can be a calm, sweet dog. He thoroughly enjoys leaping on top of his house and getting bum scratches and kisses. Five is one of the yard sentries and will bark with a low bass ‘WOOF’ if anyone new or different approaches.

High Five on his dog house with a big head and a stripped nose.

Ernie – is the only pup from the litter who is slight of build. Because of this, he has always been the ‘fast, sprinty’ one. He also looks more like a husky. Ernie is very happy and playful with many of the other dogs in the yard and his BBFs right now are Sandy and Daisy. He can be shy but his tail is always wagging.

We luckily snapped a photo of Ernie with out his tail moving.

Ginger – is a good sized female with a stocky build. Her ‘ginger’ coloration resembles that of a yellow lab and her non-husky, floppy ears give assistance to her retriever image. But… Ginger does NOT chase tennis balls. She would gladly eat them. She is also a sentry and is loudly opinionated when it comes to visitors. Ginger will also be shy to strangers.

We promise… Ginger is NOT a yellow lab. Wait until you see her in Lead next season!

Rodney – is a big goon. He has not lost his chatty, puppy nature and will definitely get your attention in the yard. Nearly 90% of the time his mouth is wide open with something important to say. Rodney’s focus is somewhat lacking. But he probably runs more miles in the dog yard then any other SP K dog. He is ready for Fall training… now! Rodney would like to be a cuddly sweetheart and appreciate cuddles and pets, but he has a hard time standing still.

Rodney poses for a photo; Let’s be honest… This is the real Rodney!

Scooby – is wired. He is in constant motion. He has learned to jump on his house if he wants to be petted but he has an awfully hard time standing still once he is up there. He is one of the few dogs in the SP Kennel yard that looks like the “typical” sled dog. Of course, this is thanks to his mother’s genetics. Scooby is one powerful dog who will need to run off some energy before he can focus on a goal.

Scooby sports a very stylish ‘husky’ coat.

Scooby OUTTAKE: He loves to flirt with Wedgy. Can you curl your tail a little more?

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  • Love this!!! Happy Birthday Five litter! I remember being stuck to the blog when they were born, waiting not so patiently for updates on these babies to see how they were doing. So happy to see them as full-fledged sled dogs ready for some training and racing this season. Can't wait!

  • Love the pictures and descriptions. You can "take the dog out of the yard, but you can't take the yard out of the dog." Love the pictures of the "holes" they dig. Viper and Beemer (but mostly Beemer) are trying to dig their way back to Alaska, or just make a cool place to curl up in the heat. SPKennel updates are always appreciated.

  • Happy birthday! Thanks for helping us get to know them. Looking forward to following these fabulous five pups this season.

  • Thanks for the update on the Five litter. They all have grown up so fast and it is very interesting to hear about their individual personalities. I love Rodney's second picture….the real Rodney. ;-D
    Also, it was great to hear about Quito's news. I am looking forward to hearing about her puppies.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can't wait to hear about your Fall training; that sounds wonderful and so much better than the almost 100 degree weather we are having here on the East Coast! UGH!

    Maryalice Adams

  • Happy BDay Five Litter!!

    LOVED the update on each dog….I zone in on the ID factor….OK….High Five has a big head and stripped nose….Ernie has the slight build like his Uncle Outlaw, Ginger is…well….ginger with floppy ears….and Rodney….oh Rodney!! Scoobie appears to be the easiest tell….man he looks like his Mama!

    Glad to hear they all eat well like their Daddy….No eating rocks and stones though…thank goodness for decking!

  • Happy Birthday to all, but especially "my" favorite, HIGH FIVE. Can't wait to see them come in to their own over the next few years. Thanks so much for the updates. AND! More puppies to come!

    All the best from us in Erie, PA

    Charlene & Lisa

  • I am a fan of Five and was always partial to naming him Quince instead of Five. However, reading that he is called "HIgh Five" fits . So I am pleased with the High Five label. Go HIgh Five.

  • Two is an important year, and this bunch looks ready to rumble!!!

    Thanks so much for the updtates or pupdates!!!



  • Happy birthday, Five puppies(puppies no longer) . You guys are growing so big. Good appetites are important, the faster you eat the more rest time on the trail! Thanks for the great update on each of them.

  • Wow, two years old….hard to believe. Happy Birthday Five Litter. I'm looking forward to seeing this group in action a little more this coming season. I too enjoy the tidbits of information on each dog.

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