Woody is having a different and exciting summer!

As you may know, several mushers send their dogs to one of the Alaskan glacier operations where they get to run in harness all summer long. That can work really well for them but generally we have felt that this is not in the best interest of OUR dogs and prefer them to have their summers “off”, keeping fit with free running and the occasional jump in a pond.

Woody is a dog that has SO much potential but hasn’t quite managed to break-through. We felt he needed some confidence and a consistent 4 month “Summer Camp” seemed like a good idea.

Chris was heading to Mendenhall Glacier to give tours to Alaskan visitors and had to leave his pet, Green Dog, with his parents, so there was an open spot for Woody.

Chris reported to us early on that Woody is, of course, one of the guests’ favourites with is large size, handsome face and big bark.

Here is the latest from Chris:

This morning I woke up at 6:00 AM. The sun was already shining, which was a relief after 7 straight days of rain. The Mendenhall Glacier is right above the largest temperate rain forest in North America, so we all get used to the rain pretty quick.
Living on the glacier feels a bit like living on the moon (I guess I’ve never lived on the moon, but you get the idea!) I have never been to a place so stunning. Though the weather can be a bit harsh, the dogs are always happy to get out and run. They can deal with blizzards and 50 mile-per-hour winds, so a little rain doesn’t slow them down at all.
Aliy let me take Woody to the glacier with me, and I am elated to have him. The rest of my dogs are from Iditarod Musher, Melissa Owens Stewart, and Woody has fit right in. He has even been training a couple of Melissa’s young leaders. I’m not sure how Aliy feels about her dog training the competition, but it has made my day much easier having Woody leading my teams. He has an incredible attitude, and has been steadily gaining confidence in himself.
Here a couple pictures of the big guy enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

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  • WOW!!!

    Thanks so much for the news of Woody and his excellent summer camp vacation!!!

    And he gets to spend the summer with Chris, too!!!

    Woody is a big boy and so mature, lucky guy!!!

    Best, thanks for the news,


  • Woody at summer camp!! This is awesome! Woody looks great, such a handsome boy. Glad Woody and Chris have each other to keep company. Woody's confidence should be great as well as his endurance. Sending Woody a virtual hug and body rub…. Ok Chris gets a hug too 🙂

    Have fun on the moon you two!!!

    Cheers, Heidi

  • I've been to Mendenhall glacier, it's amazing. What a wonderful opportunity for Woody. He looks like he's having a ball! I'm looking forward to following him this season as I'm certain he will benefit from this extra experience.

  • LOL…I can hear the rest of the Golf Litter snikkering…."Woody had to go to Summer School!" But just wait till he gets back with all that confidence and swagger….yup…call it Summer Camp or Summer School, Woody is learning A LOT and I look forward to seeing what his "extra semester" of being a Sled Dog does for him! GO Woody!!!

  • Woohoo! I'm so happy for Woody.
    Our young gymnasts were always so excited to go the camp. What? We get to do gymnastics 6 hours a day, and more if we want? Hikes to the top of Sugar Bowl with snow, or rubbing elbows with Olympians with Chris Waller?!
    Woody may not meet any Olympians, but he's going to have a blast training through the Summer in a fun new place. I expect he will return to make his Daddy, Aliy and Allen all proud 2016-2017 season.
    Have fun too Chris!

  • Every year when it is time for some dogs to retire so that the previous year's puppies get their chance, I am always sad to see dogs I have come to love go. I agree with your explanation that you want to make sure that every dog has its chance to reach its full potential. This just goes to show that you not only talk the talk, you walk the walk. Thanks for giving Woody this extra chance to become the very best sled dog he can be. I hope to be reading future articles about "rockstar" Woody's performance on the Iditarod Trail.


  • I keep coming back to these pictures of Woody. He is so cute! Wish I could hear his bark. Aliy, maybe you could do a "Sounds of SP Kennel" video featuring some of the more unique barks. Isn't it Waylon who has croaking one?

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