We’re back with our occasional summer series “Slow Mo Sunday” where we slow down some footage you might have already seen to you can enjoy it in more detail and from a different perspective.

Today we see both the Red and Black teams crossing the finish line of the 2016 Iditarod in Nome.

7 Responses

  • Those were two great "slo-mo" moments….love seeing the SPK Teams rolling on into Nome! LOL…our boy Chemo was a bit freaked out by the crowd….he was like "whats all these people doing here…Aliy, are you sure you want to go this way?"

  • That was awesome! Both teams looked great and the cheers from the crowd!! Thanks for sharing with your fans!

  • nothing better for a rainy, hot,& humid day in Houston, TX. whets my appetite for winter & racing season & amps up my excitement- I'm goin' to Nome this year!! this just came together & I'm so excited to see this side of the Iditarod!

  • Oops!! I was watching the tail language and mistakenly Identified Mr. Emotional Schmoe for adorable Chemo!!! Apologies to all!!!


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