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    Happy Father's Day to the guys of SP Kennel, 4-legged division!!!

    Hard to say which is my favourite, they are all so wonderful!!!


  • Pick a fave? No way. They are all fab. I love Biscuit's special ears and Nacho has "that look" that all the Spanish litter shared and the greatness that made them amazing. Clyde is a good strong and sure worker and also the daddy of the Surfivers and my special fave Ginger so he's equally awesome. Thanks for sharing these great memories! Ginger seems to take after daddy a lot, too, at least in color and attitude. Love, love love them. Super share and big thanks.

  • That was a great montage of the most awesome SPK Fathers!!! All 3 look SO sweet and gentle, yet we know they are tough as nails on the trail! Awesome genetics to pass on through to the next generation(s) too!!

  • Great Father's Day tribute to Biscuit, Nacho, & Clyde. Happy Father's Day to Allen as well. Sorry it is a little late.

  • It brought tears to my eyes – Biscuit, Nacho now retired and Clyde still in the mix (thank goodness). They are special creatures. It reminded me of how much I miss my Dad

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