Saturday June 25th was the first day to sign up for Iditarod 2017. Both Aliy and Allen turned in paperwork (Aliy actually turned in Allen’s paperwork, as he was working on the Princess Cruises Train in Denali all day.) But, Aliy was in Wasilla to share the day with many Iditarod Volunteers as well as Mushers who showed up for the picnic.
Fifty-two mushers signed up to start the 2017 race. HERE is the list.

Iditarod Trail Headquarters, Wasilla, Alaska; Aliy turns in race paperwork.

Aliy and Dallas talk dogs; Mille, Aliy and Joar.

Martin, Aliy and Dr. Stu Nelson; Aliy and Mark Nordman.

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  • Has Joar mentioned anything about how "Zesty" is doing? He hasn't updated his website. I check it periodically for a glimpse.

  • Thanks so much for more proof of life-after-foot-surgery!!!

    Best to Allen. and your four legged family,

    P.S. Really nice and meaningful photos of the event!

  • As I was out trout fishing this weekend I thought "wonder when Iditarod sign ups are?"

    Seriously, these thoughts come to mind as I fish….but no worries…question answered…SO cool you all are signed up and ready to GO!!! LET IT SNOW….well, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself…enjoy the summer THEN let it SNOW in September/October!!

  • Saw the video on YourAlaskaLink. You're looking great Aliy!
    Awesome pics!
    2017 will be an exciting Iditarod.

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