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  • What excellent (and fine looking) help you have – worth their weight in gold I am sure.

  • Thanks so much for filling us in on your P.T. assistants!!!

    Remember to do your homework – altho' with your great crew, it shouldn't be a problem since they can take turns reminding you what to do! Quito especially!!!

    So grateful to be included in the progress report,



  • Love it. We adopted our dog Sami about 4 years ago right before I had foot surgery and was non-weight bearing for two months. She was a great companion through that time. It is so special to have friends like that. Heal fast!!

  • Notice the girls all rest on a comfy rug , mac toughs it out on the bare floor . I am so glad you have some of your "kids " with you everyday aliy . dogs are the best for being bosom pals . take care much love to all at sp kennel


  • What fun to have your friends in the house with you. Too bad they aren't better conversationalists!

  • You have an extremely good looking staff in your house. They look extremely contented and happy with their new positions.

  • Obviously you are working them hard, since they find the need to rest! Hope you are soon back on your feet (pun intended!)

    Charlene & Lisa
    Erie, PA

  • Being in the surgery business and having knee surgery myself – wow. What a pain in the *&#(!*@! Keep your spirits up. As with any challenge in life, that seems to be the key to faster recovery. And also key to my happiness has always been those fuzzy faces (Allen – your face is fuzzy in the morning, too, right? haha) Truly – the dogs provide such companionable entertainment. Being on crutches is awful but you did it at the perfect time. Bone healing is slow – they don't emphasize that enough, actually. We all need to learn more patience – esp. when it comes to our health as we age. The dogs are beautiful. We are grateful to have them in our lives, crutches or able bodied. I'm in northeastern Minnesota and watching a ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder outside the window. The 2 huskies are snoring on the bed and on the futon. Busy day while I was at work, apparently. 🙂

  • Lots of healing going on with that crew around! I think Mac prefers the cool hard floor to cushy floor rugs! I recall you saying Boondocks makes you laugh…it's the best medicine afterall!


    Sixteen paws, what do you get?
    Another day older and not better yet.
    Queen Quito gonna help you and Sissy, Mac, too
    But Boondocks gonna lick your boo-boo!!!

  • I see no kibble on the floor, so clearly Mac has done his work.
    It also appears that all these talented veteran racers are quite comfortable in doors.
    Good work keeping Aliy from going stir crazy crew.

  • Three weeks down, three to go – then more weeks of P.T. and other therapies???

    I recall that there is something called "occupational therapy" – which perhaps is what the crew in the photos are specialists at???

    Then there is "speech therapy" taught perhaps by Schmoe (who learned his craft from Daddy Ranger).

    All the best, keep strong, pulling for you, Aliy!!!

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