We’re back with our occasional summer series “Slow Mo Sunday (on a Saturday)” where we slow down some footage you might have already seen so you can enjoy it in more detail and from a different perspective.

Today we see both the Red and the Black Teams starting the Iditarod in Willow. Check out how focussed Quito is and see the smiles on all the faces!

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  • Thanks so very much for this "Slo-Mo" of the Iditarod Start!!!

    Chena looks determined to not make a mistake and copy EVERYTHING Quito does – Woof, woof, woof!!!



  • so Cool! especially since I had to watch from Cali again this yr. It was fantastic to see all the dogs pull with such fierce determination and excitement. Go Doggies
    Thanks Aliy!

    Padee Fairbanks

  • Margaret nailed it. Chena is serious about her lesson from the best! while she checks in with the crowd. It is amazing how much is happening so fast.
    Happy dogs!!!

  • Great slow motion reminder of the Race! I always get a kick out of watching how each dog reacts differently at the starting line…some just barking….others banging at the harness…of course Im partial to watching Chemo…he is always smiling and calm as the chaos explodes around him…then 3, 2, 1 and his tail is UP and he pulls hard down the trail!

    We have what…6 or 7 months to go before the first race? Oh the anticipation…I cant wait!

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