Yesterday was 4 weeks since I had my foot operation and I was pretty excited to talk to the Doc. Originally, the estimate for recuperation was 4 to 6 weeks. So… 4 weeks arrived (finally) and I won’t say the prognosis was bad, it wasn’t, it just wasn’t great. He said “Looks Good. Keep doing the same.” Argggghhhh.

So, I sulked a round a little on my peg leg feeling sorry for myself. Allen’s been around me constantly for the last 4 weeks, so he’s used to pouty Aliy. But my friend Barb, who came to the kennel to help out for a few days, wasn’t quite used to new and not so improved attitude. She even started to keep a tally of “Aliy’s rudes”. The last I remembered, I was up to #21. Oops.

Barb also brought a Selfie Stick for a camera phone. She is quite the photographer and thought this angle of the dogs might be fun. Well… who better to have FUN than ‘happy-go-lucky’ me? So, I was send out to peg leg around the yard, with a supervisor, to take selfies with any and all accommodating dogs. Let me say first, that despite the all ‘Aliy Cam Videos’ and photo shoots I’ve been involved with, I am not familiar with a Selfie Stick. It took some practice. As I hobbled through the dogs, some of them were now both wary of my peg leg and the 3 foot long stick that I held over my head. “What the… ?” So here are some of the results:

These guys all wanted to HELP take photos:

Mismo adjusts the photo layout; Tinder reaches for the shutter speed.

These guys all wanted to GROOM me for the Photo Shoot. (Is that a hint?)

Nomex washes my face.; Mac feels the need to look me over closely.

Mismo adjusts my smile; Tinder thought my hat was loop-sided.

These guys were NOT interested:
Chemo wouldn’t give me the time of day, Kodiak only gave me a smile when a raven flew overhead.

Izzy would rather have bum scratch (Rambler approves); Felix just wants to dance.

We did have some success:

Chevie is a lover; Ginger wants some TLC.

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  • OMG! Sorry to say this but kind of glad to hear that you have occasional "rudes" like the rest of us. This is another been there done that fan and you have earned the attitude that sometimes rears its ugly head with all of this. It is very disappointing but glad to hear that everything is healing well. Something you have to love about the dogs and your husband (sorry Allen to group you with the canines), you are still number one. Almost there!

  • I hope you had as much fun getting those shots as I did looking at them! hang in there, Aliy. I'm sure the celebration when you're weight-bearing again will be heard in Anchorage!!

  • Padee says:
    Haha.. way to go Barb! we get by with a little help from our 2 legged friends too. Cute pics and dialogue Aliy.. going good is better than not doing well. Patience aint easy, I know I have had a LOT of practice at it these last 2 yrs.
    keep up the great healing. How's about a birthday party for the Golf litter at end of month?!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Great shots, hang in there Aliy your almost there! Plus better now than during the mushing season

  • You are doing so much by sharing pics of dogs and keeping us posted on your recovery. As an older person watching and learning about the Iditarod, I so enjoy your descriptions of your experiences. As a fellow dog lover, interactions with you and your canine family during your limited activities is appreciated. Selfies had to both entertaining and refreshing. Keep on the mend.

  • Oh so comical! Nice to have a friend that helps you have fun distractions despite the fact that you are anchored to healing right now. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  • Nice to see Chevie and Ginger gave you some lovings for the pics! Selfies are definitely an art….keep practicing! It's true the dogs are not use to seeing "their Aliy" like this, it's interesting how each reacts differently. So, 4 weeks down, 2 weeks to go….that's not so bad….it's important not to rush things…remember, there is no competition in healing!, Too bad the Doc didn't tell you it takes 8 to 10 weeks to recover so you could feel better about your progress! You"ll get there….it's a long way to Nome!

  • Love the pic! Ginger is my favorite–just wants some lovin. Thanks
    for sharing! Two more wks. will go bye fast. Then it will be even
    better–hang in there Aliy!

  • Aliy, if you were smiling all the time through this recovery period I, for one, would worry!!!

    Never give up!!!

    And when you are "better" and free of your rehab equipment, no matter what the doctor tells you, believe that you can be 120% better!!!

    Healing takes time and the body figures out ways to compensate.

  • Thank you Barb! keep em coming, Aliy, they seem good for you, good for the dogs and REALLY good for us.

  • that we would all do something new and fun spirited when the rudes and crabbies hit us for understandable reasons…
    Looks like making lemonade to me!! And the reality SP kennel moments with the dogs are awesome! Sending howls and good thoughts.

  • LMAO!!!!
    It looks like only Izzy and Chemo know the tough Aliy, who really doesn't need any extra affection or luvin to get through this. Sometimes it's hard to tell!

    The doc is right. It takes 6 weeks for new bone to grow in well. Ha ha, that's why I wait at least 6 weeks before I go to the doc when I may have broken a bone, lol!

    It's good to see you out mingling. I bet your pack misses you. Since you are so active, I woudn't be surprised if the doc wants you to wait even 4 more weeks before you resume your "normal" activities.

    BTW, Allen is a saint!!!!

    Keep up the healing Aliy. It will all be worth it.
    Whan you get back to training, you can be excited all over again, and thankful that you CAN do it, instead of feeling like you should.

  • Love the selfies and the commentary on each one. Too funny! It's difficult when you are not able to do things you want to do, but eventually you will look back and say "that wasn't too bad."

  • Thank you SOOOO much for letting us know that you are human, Aliy. Good for you. Thank god. You seem to be so far 'advanced' so much of the time that it's good to know that you have your hard times, too. Sorry – not happy for your pain – but glad to see that you are like the rest of us and not the bionic woman. (Yes, some of us view you and Allen as invincible…especially watching the races you both dominate.) It's frustrating and frustrating and …did I say FRUSTRATING? to gimp around for months…been there, done that. When I blew my knee out taking a dog out of a dog box (crashing to the ground, snap, PAIN-after unloading dogs out of dog boxes hundreds of times over the years) I had no clue what the future was. Surprise! Go to the docs, get surgery, all better, right? HA! The benign "falling on butt" turned into an exercise in PATIENCE. The leg came apart at the knee and I had to get my knee rebuilt. Cautionary tale here – working with sled dogs – who explode with power at times when you least expect it – can make you fall to the ground. No big deal unless something breaks or comes apart inside your body. Then it becomes a very big deal. And then the RECOVERY after surgery. It's a LONG time. Eegads. Especially when bones are involved. The universe is teaching us patience. Go, girl, go. And thank you sooo much for the windows into your life. I look forward to reading what SP Kennel does every day. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. It's so good to see that you and Allen are regular people, too. And the dogs give us joy every moment – we are so lucky to have them in our lives. And lucky that you share with us. Thank you!

  • So smart that Tinder!!!

    He recognized that the the word "Verizon" was not in the middle of the front of the cap, so he is altering the position for balance…but he forgot about the brim?

    Of course, this brings out the "Hip-Hop" style of the cap – so all wearers will have "street 'creds'".

    Which, of course. Red Team leader Aliy has!!!

  • These have got to be the most adorable photos I have EVER seen! Aliy, talk about these showing your awesome personality! Love ya! Laurie Larson, Matson

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