Long time SP Kennel supporter Margaret Wirtenberg is a very talented artist and during the season sent us through a number of amazing graphics from pictures and videos posted on the blog. With her permission I am sharing a selection with you! Margaret and her husband Alfred sponsor Chena.

Clyde and Chena

ChaCha and Chena

Clyde; Roses for Quito

Yukon Quest views

Winter in the White Mountains

Beemer and Willie

On the trail to Nome; Black Team start

Felix and Schmoe

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  • Padee says: amazing work Margaret!I look forward to seeing more just terrific! TB thanks to all.
    Padee Fairbanks Chipper's sponsor.

  • Nicely done Margaret!!! How special is this!! You are an awesome artist….I especially love the Beemer piece….man I miss that boy!

  • That is some amazing artwork. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Hope your foot is healing nicely, too.

  • I really enjoyed seeing these works of art. Thank you for sharing. Clyde and Chena are very artogenic. ��

  • Wow! This is amazing art and so real life. Margaret you are really
    talented! Thanks for sharing SPK!

  • These are terrific! Thank you for sharing Margaret's portraits with us. And hats off to Margaret. So talented!

  • It is hard to know which one I like the best (like all the dogs) but the one of Schmoe is very interesting now that I know Schmoe dog did not sit down on the trail for hours before and at the camp spot. We are all so lucky to have Margaret among us for yet another different perspective to deepen these dogs in our hearts. Thanks.

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments – and the one of Schmoe was done after tuning in to what he "said" during the Bureau of Land Management discussion among Iditarod-bound sled dogs!

    P.S. Schmoe should be proud he was chosen to represent SP Kennel!!!

  • I love the dogs, although to my eye, Red Team lead, Chena, looks a little concerned. But the Yukon Quest views and Winter in the White Mountains are stunning.

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