The Golden Harness Pups are 7 1/2 months old. They have changed so much and are looking more and more like “real dogs”. We will be updating the Puppy Page on the Website soon with new portraits. In order to keep everyone in the loop here are some recent photos of the kids.

Chevie’s coloration takes after her Mom; Jefe’s ears never did stand up.

Bruno is non stop motion; QT has got some excellent legs!

McCaw is a Big Boy with plenty of fur; Dancer is a small gal with a ‘tude.

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  • Love them all! And the ears may come up with the final teething; happens a lot with herder breeds anyway, wonky ears just are suddenly gone–Aussies, BCs and Heelers all. But boy that QT sure looks speedy!! Fantastic looking pups but with great parents, why not?

  • Woof, woof, woof!!!

    They look amazed at how big they are getting!!!

    Thanks so much for these wonderful snaps!!!



  • McCaw is very Siberian looking apart from the ears & looks like being a puller šŸ™‚ Great looking pups & no doubt some will be Iditaroders & Questers šŸ™‚

  • So grown up now. Good looking dogs. I think QT reaembles her Dad the most, and Bruno has that same look as well. Thanks for the update on these beauties.

  • All so handsome, but of course, they are Quito's pups!
    Thank you for the great pics of your wonderful young athletes.

  • Boy, have they ever grown! Chevie is beautiful and WOW QT and those
    legs. Thanks for the update–future looks bright!

  • Wow…they are gorgeous!!! Right now Id say McCaw is the easiest for us Dog Log Fans to ID in a pack of Sled Dogs….I'm glad Quito has a bit of a "look alike" to carry on her awesome good looks! Love the floppy ears on Jefe…that Bruno sure looks like a bruiser! They are all fantastic looking!!! Thanks for posting an update on them!

  • They all look wonderful to me! It will be fun to watch them to continue to mature as they start getting ready for their yearling season!

  • Only 7 1/2 months? They have the look of teenagers, but that won't be until about this time next year. Macaw is turning into a very handsome boy and QT looks like she could be a tall one. I know about the 'dude thing with Dancer, which is probably why I did not really see her as small. Isn't Chevie smaller? No? Well, there you go.

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