The Coffee Pups are 8 months old. They have very similar personalities and looks as their older siblings, the Fire Litter. And they love to have FUN! We will be updating the Puppy Page on the Website soon with new portraits. Here are some recent photos.

Perky… is just that – PERKY Non Stop Go.; Decaf is a more gentle sweetheart.

Creamer is gorgeous and confident; Barista likes to flirt and play.

These two are BBFs: Bean is ‘in your face’ excited; Sanka is more shy of the two.

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  • Creamer and Perky have some nice long legs. All of them have such distinct looks. Of course, Decaf is the most handsome!

  • Creamer is a beauty and I love those long legs. She looks so fast already, mama's girl maybe? All a great looking bunch. So much promise in these pups
    and the Golden Harness litter as well. Decaf looks a lot like her mama. It is so fun to watch them grow and mature.

  • I see some future winners here! Thank you for sharing these pictures of such handsome and beautiful pups. Can't wait to see them continue to mature and "learn the ropes."

  • All the pups are so big and beautiful! Of course, since we are Sanka's sponsors, we have to comment on her beautiful blue eyes and how dark her coat is! Gorgeous dogs!

  • YES…please more pictures of the gorgeous pups….its important to imprint their images on us Dog Log Fans in order to hone our ID skills! Bean has always been my favorite….her eye patch I can see a mile away!! They all look fantastic and FUN!!

  • Sanka and Bean I think really look like Big O–those blue eyes
    just are stunning. Long legs on these pups and Decaf, Creamer,
    Perky and Barista have such gorgeous colors/coats. They are all

  • I love how Perky and Decafe fit their names haha and how beautiful Bean is and how different she looks. They all have such nice looks and all really fit the coffee theme. Can't want to see um racing in a few years. Do you ever sell the pups that don't make the main team?

  • Nessmuk's remark about the importance of imprinting these dogs pictures on our minds made me laugh at loud. I think I will have to train and train for the next Quest/Iditarod to learn these faces. Right now, I just look at the faces and think 'wow I love this face' for each one. Thank you.

  • Hannah – rarely do we sell/adopt out pups. In the last 10 years we have only let 5 pups go to new homes. One was in exchange for the breeding, three were to our good friend & handler Ryne, one was to a family in Nome. We let them go to their new homes at 8 weeks. We raise all our pups with the idea that they will successfully become sled dogs and race. In the last 10 years, 100% of our puppies have raced mid distance races and 80% have raced Iditarod. So, there aren't any "pups who don't make the team".

  • Legs, Legs, Legs! WOW! Amazing how they have grown. I love the unusual facial coloration of Bean – what a stand out – Sanka's white back mark will also catch your eye. And, if I am not mistaking, Barista looks a little like the happy smiling Kodiak. Their coats look just wonderful and they are certainly look attentive, alert and happy. I want to love them all up! Don't know how you keep them all looking so great when it comes coat blowing time!!

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