I have carried a hand held video camera on the race for years now. Honestly, I don’t always think “Gez, this is gorgeous… I need to take a video!” But, I really did try to capture some amazing portions of the Iditarod Trail this year.
There are 13 videos in the ID: AliyCam 2016 Series.

The day was gorgeous and the trail was entertaining so I kept the AliyCam recording. In this video you will notice three types of Iditarod trail markers that are used to mark the route. There are: permanent yellow metal reflectors nailed to willows or trees, red flagging on branches or bushes and the annually-placed wooden lathe with a white reflector and a blue ribbon. On other sections of the trail there are tripods or tall “telephone pole” type markers.
The end of the video could be deemed somewhat embarrassing to me – if a musher was inclined to be embarrassed by their dogs’ action – which I’m not. Here you see the entire team come to a decided HALT. Seriously? A third place Iditarod team? Yup. I won’t lie. My dogs do not like water and I have limited opportunities to train them to change their minds. During the summer months, we play in puddles and run through very shallow creeks. But, ironically, my only husky who really enjoys swimming in Mac. He was the only dog who had left our team at this point in the race.
Go figure!

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  • Thanks so very much for this great video!!!

    As I think I heard you muse, it is amazing that these athletes run downhill over unknown trails. I think it is because they have a bond of trust with their musher.

    Best always,


    P.S. Will Mac be giving swimming lessons this summer?

  • "High tailing it…conditions unknown…" After watching a few of these Aliy cam videos I think I have to add Clyde to my list in October. His gait is so funny and he seems always to be paying close attention to Aliy's voice. They are all so intuitive. What a pleasure it is to watch these videos. Thank you.

  • Love the video………. and loved seeing you come thru the Rainy Pass Lodge check point !!

  • Wonderful. Hey, I do not like water either and have a phobic fear of it. Those guys have my sympathy! But that dashing down the steep and turning into the unknown–wow, talk about guts!! Yes, I am sure they have faith in Mom back there but they are also adventurers at heart. What a wonderful vicarious experience. Thanks hugely for this and all the sharing.

  • Well done doggies and musher! There's not supposed to be open water in Alaska during the winter….

  • Yes, they are definitely a good bunch of dogs. It is so fun to see what you saw on this part of the trail. I'm the same on not being fond of water, especially deep water. I remember a post from last summer when you took a group of dogs on a jaunt down the road and Tig and one or two others were the only dogs that got in the water.

  • "Daring dogs, aren't they?…"
    It's like you read my mind on this and the last video.
    Even at 6 mph, I would have come up lame, and my dog might have too, lol!
    Your dogs are phenomenal, and their attention to you is keen.
    It's beautiful seeing your teamwork!

  • Wow…that was another cool ride…loved the dips where you could JUST see the tips of your leaders ears! Twists and turns, charging down the trail at 10 mph and BAM….water!! Put on the brakes! Glad you avoided a huge pile up!! Wonder if this is where Allen whipped out the waders and Aliy had to carry poor Willie across the evil water?! Those were funny trail stories!

    LOVE the videos…thanks so much for sharing!

  • Felix is just like his Daddy Biscuit (slightly smaller) – and his ears flop just like his Daddy's do!!! Felix and Clyde make for a gorgeous pair of wheel dogs!!!

  • Thanks Aliy for taking the time to post these wonderful videos. The dogs are superstars!!! I must confess that every time I watch the video, I am almost hypnotized by Felix's floppy ears – I end up watching them instead of other dog hind ends – At least, I think its Felix. For everyone, a hearty woof, woof.

  • I missed this last nigh when I was catching up – but today I also read through all the comments. I really enjoy how different people notice things about the dogs and their observations on the trail. Someone mentioned Felix's floppy ears – I am always struck by how dark his back is, like Biscuit's but more black while Biscuit's color is almost maroon – both beautiful. And Sandy's gait is so cute!

    Like others, these videos are so wonderful. Words fall short, actually.

  • Great team work, awesome video. The entire team is very attentive to your voice Aliy. Love how so many look back when they hear your voice. Thanks so much for these videos.

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