I have carried a hand held video camera on the race for years now. Honestly, I don’t always think “Gez, this is gorgeous… I need to take a video!” But, I really did try to capture some amazing portions of the Iditarod Trail this year.
There are 13 videos in the ID: AliyCam 2016 Series.

We had some really unique camp spots this year on the race. This section of trail, which is a historic trade route between Katag and Unalakleet, is one of the most spectacular portions of trail in the race. That’s mostly because of the intense Indian and Eskimo trade history, but as you watch the scenery, you won’t complain about that either. Camping right at the summit of the portage trail was pretty breathtaking. We could see mountains along the entire 360 degree horizon of our camp spot. There was a tiny group of six sapling trees that tried to block our view but only managed to add to the grandeur. My overall goal for this camp spot was to try and camp in and around beauty, uplift my spirits and of course, bond with the team. Schmoe was unsettled during most of this camp. He has always been one of my most emotional dogs, so that didn’t surprise me. We had been through some rough events together about 12 hours prior to stopping here.

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  • Yes, the grove of 4 trees is speaking to the several mountains, and Schmoe is communing with them. He cares so much.

    Although he is hoping to play with his musher…

    Thank you for sharing.



  • Beauty, rest, food, (not necessarily in that order), and the ability for talking it out make for a healing camp-out. Joe Schmoe talking it out with Aliy. Wonderful idea! Way to go SP Kennel. Together, Dawgs and musher will make it on down the road. Love wins.

  • I LOVE Schmoe, and that makes him more endearing. I think I saw a quick swish if his tail when you started talking to him. They all adore you, Aliy, and I think Schmoe's bark and the others looking up at that moment proves it. Thanks for Schmoe perspective!

  • That was so sweet….Schmoe Dawg being so in tune with you..the bond between dogs and humans runs deep. I love the saplings…they absolutely do add to the beauty! This part of the trail is truly historic in regards to trade…must be cool to be in their foot steps! Looks so peaceful…I trust Schmoe Dawg got to at least relax even though he did not close his eyes much….good dog! You and your Team…you both had each other, and that is all you needed….minus the planes and attention of course!

  • Ditto to so much above.

    What's a cheerleader to do? You all needed him. he wanted to be ready at a moments notice, and the team sure does respond to him, Schmoe! <3

    It frustrates me a bit that the "pundits" explain Dallas' choice of camping on the trail, but when it comes to Aliy they talk like it's abnormal. When you need rest, you need rest, and you REALLY NEEDED REST!!!

    You picked a beautiful place to begin your healing.
    Nuf said, cuz I said it elsewhere,
    you and your team are the BOMB aliy (1990's meaning).

  • Schmoe looked really upset with life – as though he as expecting something bad to happen. It's amazing how dogs are able to feel what their humans are feeling. I'm glad you all got to the end of the trail… but that's been said a couple of times

  • This just touched my heart for you both. I appreciate this insight into the inner workings of how you and your dogs handle the unexpected things, large and small. Thank you.

  • You can see the energy in him! Just not ready to let down his guard. He lightened up when you talked to him though Aliy. The little tail wag and throaty woof. He appreciated that you got it…and he was looking out for the team.

  • Oooh such a good boy Schmoe on alert …..keeping a watch on the horizon …at the ready . Time to relax now Schome and enjoy the off season rest , play and relax Woof Woof Denali 🐾🐾 and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Schmoe was very brave to give up his much needed rest to keep watch on the rest of his team. He is a very loving dog.

  • If you were to piece together your videos, we'd have a "day in the life." Trail with/without snow, snack stop, rest stop, and I think the BEST part??? NO MEDIA It's just you, the dogs and I swear, us.
    We're feeling the bumps, the lack of snow, the beautiful snow, the rest, the view, the aniexty, the love of dogs, and one of the neatest parts for me, the interaction between you and the dogs. It is so obvious the mutual respect you have for each other.

  • Schmoe was standing guard after what you all went through. I can hear the stress in your voice Aliy. Thank goodness you all survived. Thanks so much for sharing. You can see snow machine tracks, near the trail. God bless.

  • Schmoe was standing guard after what you all went through. I can hear the stress in your voice Aliy. Thank goodness you all survived. Thanks so much for sharing. You can see snow machine tracks, near the trail. God bless.

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