To mark the end of the racing season and the closure of the Dog Fan Club for the season we have done two random draws.

Both winners win a set of Yukon Quest and Iditarod Race Guides signed by Aliy and Allen.

Congratulations to Beth Lockwood who is a fan of WEDGY and to Ingabritt who is a fan of SCOUT.

Wedgy is the girl who hasn’t had her chance yet. She is gorgeous, enthusiastic and certainly wants to please. Wedgy is ready for her ‘break-out’ year and wants to surprise everyone. She is steady in training and is always excited. Wedgy is such the combo of her Mama and Dad.

Scout is Aliy’s best buddy. He really is such a phenomenal dog. He is both professional and charismatic. Scout is walking in his Mother’s foot steps as one of our best lead dogs ever. His wisdom and confidence led many of our teams down the trail this season.

Thank you to everyone who joined the Dog Fan Club this year. We hope you had fun following along with us this season and having a special dog (or dogs) to make it more intimate. Keep an eye out in October when we open the Dog Fan Club for the 2016-17 season!

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  • Have a great summer, everyone! See you in October!
    Keep Calm and Zirkle On!

  • Thanks so much for keeping up this SP Kennel project that you began some years ago – it gives greater meaning for those who move from Fan Club to Team Sponsor level as their favourite 4-legged athletes progress.

    So glad to hear it will continue in the upcoming 2016-2017 season beginning in…October!

  • What a great way to end the fan club season with one less experienced dog and one very experienced dog winning the draw. Congrats to both dogs and their fans. Sad to see the season end, but it will be October before we know it. And yes, Keep Calm & Zirkle On.

  • Congrats Beth and Ingabritt along with Wedgy and Scout!! Enjoy the nifty prizes!!!

    These Fan Club Draws are always SO fun!! The prizes are so unique and special….my Mom was thrilled when she won to "kick off" the season WAY back last fall! Im sure all us Fans are looking forward to next season…it will be here before we know it! BUT….now we get to look forward to puppy news and "other" spring and summer SPK news! And here is my shameless plug….become a "hard core" SPK Fan and visit this site often…its FUN year round!

  • Awesome. Congratulations to the final winners, canine and their two footed fans. Can't wait for next fall to jump in again; I'll keep my faves from this year and save at least one for 2016 puppies!! Thanks for this fun activity!

  • Super prizes!
    Congratulations to Beth and Ingabritt!
    I hope Wedgy and Scout enjoy their treats.

  • Congratulations to Wedgy(love your ears) & Scout, Beth, and Ingabritt. Great prize & enjoy extra dog biscuits Scout & Wedgy.

  • Love the pic of Scout, coolness personified – looking somewhat in doubt???

    Congrats to both 4-legged winners as well as their winning fans!!!

    WOOF!!! WOOF!!!

    And to those who think nothing happens at SP Kennel unless the 4-legged athletes are in line…you are wrong!!! Alaska shows its colours and seasonal natural beauty as well as its wild side "off-season" – and the DOG LOG continues…as Nessmuck above has noted.

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