March 31st marks the end of the racing season. Nature has decided it is the end of all mushing for us as our trails are now slush and no fun for anyone! We are even seeing some green on the ground already.

March 31st was also when we closed team memberships and the Dog Fan Club for the season. A truly sincere thank you to everyone who has joined the Red Team, Black Team, Dog Fan Club, Supported the Dog Log or sent other contributions and donations. Each of you has helped get our teams down the trail and without you all we couldn’t do what we do! We are lucky to have so many of you interested in our kennel and giving us your support.

The Dog Log will still be active over the spring and summer and the first thing you can look forward to is several more “Aliy Cam” videos from the Iditarod Trail. We are working through the footage and will share with you over the next few weeks. We’ll also let you know of summer happenings, dog walking, events and, hopefully, PUPPIES!!!!!!!

What happens now for us is we start the “clean up” – packing away all the sleds, harnesses and mushing gear for a few months. Moira goes back to New Zealand, Chris moves on to his summer employ and Aliy and Allen will take a short break, before starting their summer employ with Princess Cruises Denali Train presentations.

Later in the summer, Kennel Mom and Dad come up from Florida and all the summer chores start. The dogs put their mushing thoughts away for a few months and get to do lots of free running on the summer trails. It’s a complete change for everyone!

We would still love to hear from you all so do please check in on the blog now and again.

Thanks again for helping make this season AWESOME!

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  • Woof, woof, woof!!!

    It was a remarkable season and will be keeping up contact throughout the "down time" – and thanks so mu ch for sharing your amazing adventures!!!



  • Thank you all for reaching out to us, your fans! Your blog has been such a joy, such a source of light for all of us who wish we could be in AK and a direct part of your adventures. You're the absolute greatest! Look forward to more Aliy cams!

    Question that I hope someone can answer…just out of curiosity–on the Aliy cam when the dogs are trotting along at what appears to be an even speed, how fast are they going?

  • Can't believe Moira has to go again…boo hoo. Where is Chris off to? Will he be back? Questions, questions…always about the questions…have a great "off-season" And Thank you!

  • I'm glad you will continue with your blog! I would have serious SPK withdrawal symptoms otherwise!!! Love you all! Safe travels to Moira and Chris! See you again in the Fall Season! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This sound and feels so heartfelt. You truly embrace your fans and supports, which means so much. All be best for a wonderful "off season". How lucky those Princess travelers are to meet Aliy and Allen. All the best from us here in Erie, PA. And a hug to Doug and Mickey when they make their way back to the kennel. You know we think the world of them, too!

    Lisa & Charlene

  • Ah break up…..we call it Mud Season here in the Adirondacks….however today Mother Nature decided to play with our heads and we got SNOW once again…but its all temporary!

    Its always sad to think of the SPK Crew breaking up as well….Moria back to NZ…Chris off on a new summer adventure….its all part of the cycle I know, but it still makes me long for the racing season when you all are one big happy SPK Crew and we are all one big happy SPK Dog Logger Family!

    Wait a minute…did someone say PUPPIES…..we LOVE Puppies!

    LOL…when it comes down to it SPK is fun ALL YEAR LONG! We are with ya 365 SPK…we wouldnt want it any other way!

  • Thanks for the update and enjoy the summer – brief as it is. We will get to seen Chris here in Montana briefly before he heads for the glacier and summer mushing. Winter and snow will come back soon enough.

  • It was my privilege and joy to be a small supporter for SPK –Allen, Aliy and the wonderful dogs as well as all the support folks who are part of the team. You give us so much to be proud of and certainly feel like supporting as much as we can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was an amazing season and I'm looking forward to much excitement in the future.

  • Great synopsis of Spring and Summer events to come, looking forward to all of it.

    Enjoy your well deserved rest.

    Safe travels and fun wishes to Moira and Chris. Of course we're hoping Moira didn't get too traumatized this year, and will be back again next.
    Chris did a great job, and we're hoping perhaps he'll have another SPK season in his future.
    I was hoping the snow would hang around a couple more weeks to give the Golden Harness litter a little snow trail fun. I'm sure they'll enjoy running with Tig.

  • Enjoy the summer break everyone and welcome back to the Southern Hemisphere Moria ,look forward to the summer blogs and wait for puppy news 😍🐾🐾 👏🏻 Thanks Aliy , Allen and all the SP Kennel crew 🔴⚫️ Cheers Denali 🐾🐾 and Joanne , Melbourne , Australia 🇦🇺

  • So the big thaw has begun. It seems to have come early this year. Looking forward to whatever y'all have time to post here on the dog log as everyone shifts to different season(s) and different responsibilities for a few months. Yes, puppy news is always a good thing, both current puppies and possible new ones arriving. Thanks for keeping us informed and involved in this awesome kennel full of awesome dogs and awesome people.

  • It is snowing in Weston CT this morning (again) for a second "Spring Snow Storm" – I am sure it is just a tip of the cap to the awesome SP Kennel athletes 2 and 4 legged plus support teams!!!

    Woof, woof, woof!!!


  • As I read over this I wonder why shouldn't we organize our own local SPK chapters for "off season". I can start by saying if you come through Colorado, contact me and we can watch the Aliy cam and new puppies TOGETHER, over and over, on the rewind reel. SPK starts my day every day. Thank you all and I am staying tuned.

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