Congratulations to John B who is a fan of WAYLON.

Waylon, Waylon, Waylon… What to say about Waylon? He’s a superstar and fairly well known for not looking like a superstar sled dog. He is small, lean and has a short coat and antenna ears but thinks he is the King of the World. Quite rightly so, he is confident in himself, a little cocky and has a swagger about him. Right now he is in White Mountain, resting before his final push towards Nome with Aliy and his other team mates on his 5th Iditarod.

As Allen has just left Shaktoolik, John is the winner of the Shak Drop Bag signed by Allen, plus a few other kennel goodies.

NOTE: We have had a bunch of new Dog Fan Club members in the last couple days and I haven’t quite managed to get all your names up on the Fan Club Cards but you are all in the draw! Thank you so much for your support for our best friends.

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  • Congratulations to John and Waylon. You're the man, Waylon! Get home safely. Fly like the wind.

  • Congratulations John.
    Congratulations Waylon, you're the first one I could pick out in the up close shot of Aliy's team arriving in WM, after Sandy that is. I love that you stand out even facing away from the camera. It makes it easier for us long distance fans.
    Enjoy your treat Waylon!
    Enjoy your run for Nome.

  • Congrats John B….Waylon is truly AWESOME!! You can always pick him out on the Team….those ears are a sure give away, and he is often wearing a Tee Shirt due to his short coat! The Honky Tonk Litter has some amazing talent…with Waylon being one of the Super Stars of the litter! Congrats again!

  • YOU THE MAN!!!

    IIRC, a couple of years ago, Waylon won a bet with the handling team, finishing the race, and got to sleep in the hotel in Nome with her!!!

    Now he is too cool for this sort of thing, HE IS JUST AWESOME!!!

    Indeed, the pic of arrival at White Mountain was perfect – yes, his ears did make it clear which blond dog was which!!!

    Congrats to DOG FAN CLUB and the winner this time!!!

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    I have been away from home awhile. When I returned on March 31st I saw this special package on my dining room table. How Cool! there is just something special about Waylon, it is hard to describe but I guess you can say that about all of the dogs on SPkennel Team. Aliy and Allen you are the best. Enjoy your summer. I look forward to next season.

    Waylon your the man!!

    Again Thank you

    John B

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