Congratulations to Wesley and Ama who have won this week’s draw. Wesley and Ama are fans of of Sandy.

Sandy is currently on the way to Takotna checkpoint in the Iditarod. She got the call up to the A team this year after completing the race with Allen last year. She has had a fantastic season and Aliy was very excited to take her on the race. We are all rooting for Sandy and are looking forward to seeing her at Nome.

Today’s bonus draw prize is a copy of this month’s ‘Alaska” magazine signed by Aliy and Allen along with some other kennel goodies! A familiar face graces the cover: Honda! Honda is part of the car litter and his brother Scout is running with Sandy (and Aliy). He has retired to Oregon with Jeanne and a bunch of other SPK dogs.

Remember we have lots of extra draws during the race including McGrath and Shaktoolik checkpoint drop bags and some Iditarod Race Guides signed by Aliy and Allen.

If you haven’t already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw. NOTE: you can win more than once if you are a fan of more than one dog!

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  • Excrllent – Is there a page to quest for a future retiree or one in need of a forever home?

    Miss M & I would appreciate knowing…

    Grand race; grand info; grand… Just grand… From NM

  • I have been excited about Sandy since her R&B team CB300 run.

    I think it was about 4:15 of this video
    I fell for Moira and Sandy both, ha ha ha!!!!

    So, I was sosooooosoooosooo excited she was selected for Aliy's team this year.
    I just think we should have chipped in a swivel attachment for her, and perhaps a few other youngsters.
    Congratulations Sandy Wesley and Alma!

  • Congratulations to Wesley, Ama, and Sandy! I won a fan club draw with Sandy earlier this year. This must really be her year! I am glad she is getting so much recognition. She is such a hard worker and really deserves it. In all of the photos I have seen of her in the Iditarod she looks to be having a very good time and is enjoying being on the A team.


  • Congrats Sandy, Wesley and Ama!!! You scored some nifty Fan Club Prizes…nicely done! According to all the Dog Log videos and wrap up reports, Sandy always does her job and and does it well! She is an AWESOME dog and closing in on Takotna as I write this! Go Sandy and the Red Team! Hope she gets some extra lovings on the 24 hour break!


    The Golf Litter are winners all – and Sandy and her fans urge her to keep the "A" team to kepp up their greart work!!!

  • Wesley, my 5 1/2 year old grandson, and myself are so excited that Sandy won the draw! Thanks so much! We're watching the race and the GPS tracker regularly. Go Red and Black Teams! Sandy is doing the team proud.

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