We got a bit out of synch during the race so to catch up we have done four fan club draws! We split everyone into fans of the Red Team dogs, Black Team dogs, puppies and the just-as-important dogs at home and did a random draw for each group.

Congratulations to all our winners: Archie Budzak who is a fan of Izzy, Judy Gutterman who is a fan of Tinder, Ruth Robertson who is a fan of Dancer and Midnight Steiner who is a fan of Ginger.

My random number formula seems to favour Izzy this year as this is the third time she has won a Dog Fan Club draw! Izzy completed both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod in third place this season. She is the perfect combination of her mother Quito and father Biscuit. She is tough and smart and “really really ridiculously good looking”!

Tinder is filling out like his proud Papa. He certainly has the confidence and the swagger as well. Tinder is also a sweetheart. He is strong, solid and steady. We expected a lot from him this season and he delivered!

Dancer has been the first to do everything and will tackle her siblings to get ahead. She is downright sassy. Dancer squirmed a lot when she was young, always nudging and ‘dancing’ her way to the best nursing spot.

Ginger has fallen into the ‘sled dog routine’ with vigor. She LOVES to run and LOVES to eat. We enjoyed training Ginger with her siblings and got to see what the FIVE Youngsters could do this season! A bright future awaits her.

Everybody wins a black SP Kennel fleece beanie along with some other kennel goodies.

The Dog Fan Club closes on 31st March and we will do a final draw on April 1.

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  • Congrats to the 'Quad" Fan Club Winners!!! Enjoy your Black SPK Beanie…I myself LOVE mine, as it goes well with more things than my beloved Red Beanie!

    My goodness Izzy….you ARE the favored Fan Club Dog…..good for you! And Dancer, Tinder and Ginger….you are all AWESOME in your own right….hope you all got a little extra lovings today!

    Hmmm…one more Fan Club Draw! OMG Im having withdrawls from Sled Dog Racing in general, AND all the SPK excitment around it! Fall of 2016 seems SO far away! BUT PUPPIES…think summer time SPK puppies….ahh….I feel better thinking of puppies!

  • Congrats to the winners and four wonderful dogs. I am a fan of Ginger too but guess this was not my lucky day. Still love her from the day I first saw her in August 2014!! That is just partly because I have a Ginger too although she is not a sled dog. Can't wait to see her working next season.

  • Congrats to all 4 winners and way to go Izzy. The comments on the dogs who win the fan club draw are fun and allow us to get to know the dogs a little better. I wore my black beanie last Sunday while walking shelter dogs. One of the few days cold enough here to need a hat and on the first day of Spring too!

  • Congrats all around! It is absolutely thrilling to win a draw. The gifts are a surprise and are so thoughtfully collected. Speaking of gifts, I got to arrive in Nome just before Aliy and the dogs did, got a high five from Aliy and a breathtaking moment of total pride in the team, and even being on the team, in a way. Another woman wearing a red SPK beanie complimented mine – and I said I was noticing hers too. It feels good to be involved with such an awesome group of athletes and fans. Thanks to all of you for a great race season.

  • Way to go Izzy girl!! Make sure you got your treats from your previous wins. Being on the trail they may have forgotten to give you your special treats for winning.

  • I am sorry to put this here but if Marilyn Cozzens and Bevi M read this, please contact me via my email. I don't know any other way to reach you two and want to do so. Concerns a letter I am writing to the ITC Board. THX!!

  • Izzy is a fine example of a deserving winner – and if Chena could give her advice: "Don't eat all your treats all at once – you have to mind your figure now that racing season is just about over – it is harder to work off the excess pounds!"

  • Congratulations Archie, Judy, Ruth, Midnight & Izzy,Tinder, Dancer, and Ginger. Enjoy your treats one and all. And Tinder tell Aliy that you deserve extra special treats because you are so handsome & special!

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