When we get back from Nome one of our favourite things to do is check the post box to find the letters from students. The students put in so much effort making cards, letters and posters.

What we found heartening this year was that teachers used the events on the river as a teaching opportunity about perseverance and persistence. Students were able to write their own feelings about what happened and show their concern for Aliy and Clyde. One class made fleece blankets for Clyde while others made cards for Aliy. They were touching and much appreciated.

What was also exciting was there were a few letters about the Yukon Quest showing us that some teachers are using that as a teaching aide also.

Thanks to all the students who wrote us this season – your reply is in the post! And thanks to all the teachers for continuing to use the Iditarod (and now the Quest) as the wonderful teaching tool it is.

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  • Wonderful post "Letters from Students"!

    There sure was a hero, Clyde – at least to the students (and I agree).

    Breathtakingly brave was his musher. Should we say "like a mother bear defending her cubs" perhaps?

    Good news about YQ-connected posts, as well!

  • Since Clyde has proven himself to be a such great interviewee, how about having him do one more interview aimed at students and his 'five' litter? He could talk about what it is like to run a 1000 mile race from a dog's point of view.

    P.S. It is probably best not to have a lady dog near by to distract him.

  • Thats AWESOME!! YES, Yukon Quest as a teaching tool…why not! Glad to hear the race has made it to the SPK letters! The incident on the river was indeed a great lesson of perserverance and persistance for each and every one of us! The kids gifts to SPK are so sweet and heart felt!! So glad kids are tuned in…thank you Teachers!

  • These races are both wonderful teaching tools and the courageous and caring mushers–Aliy and Allen epitomize!!–are such fine role models for our young folks. Kids today have so much bad example flaunted at them in the media and the typical celebs' disgusting behavior. Entertainment and pro sports are just terrible! I am thrilled to see so much interest in schools for this event and YQ as well. We fans have a responsibility to keep talking it up wherever we can!! Thank you SPK crew and that includes canines for all that you do!

  • So touching, brought tears to the edge of of my eyes again, pushing on with such drive, dedication and preserverance in the face of tremendous adversity is such a heroic and tremendous example for us all!!

    Amazing woman, amazing team, amazing SP Kennel!! Nice opportunity for children to express themselves as well in so many ways they learn from this situation what to and NOT do.

    Again thanks for sharing, lot of hearts in the drawings sent by them, you are so loved!

  • Thanks Aliy for being the real inspiration for the kids today. A real
    learning experience of life and going on like you did this year. Real
    role model for everyone! The whole SP Kennel Crew, of course Allen
    and Aliy have alot to be proud of. Job Well Done!

  • My kiddos made those fleece blankets! They were so excited when I read this to them. Aliy you are such an inspiration!!! I had a classroom full of kids sending you good vibes!!! ❤️

  • What an awesome learning experience for kids, teachers, & fans. Great that the teachers used it as a learning experience. Thanks so much Aliy for being not only a terrific role model but an exceptional person. Please know how much you are loved and admired. Horray Clyde, you received fleece blankets. Thanks for sharing & responding to the letters, Aliy.

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