In a totally random event, IZZY has won BOTH bonus fan club draws today!

Congratulations to Carrie and Shawn who have won the McGrath checkpoint bag and to Barbara Embick who has won a signed Iditarod Race Guide plus some other kennel goodies.

Izzy has come into her own and is a very important dog on the team. She is a happy, yet cocky individual. Her BFF is her brother, Mismo, whom she both partners with and picks on relentlessly. Physically, she resembles her father, but she has her mothers spirit in there as well! She is currently resting in Takotna with her team mates.

Remember we have lots of extra draws coming up and you have to be in to win! If you haven’t already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw. NOTE: you can win more than once if you are a fan of more than one dog!

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7 Responses

  • Congratulations Carrie and Shawn!
    Wow, Izzy, your lucky day today.
    You're doing great, enjoy your run, all the way to Nome girl!

  • Way To Go IZZY !!! (& her draw partners…)

    I know about the chore thing Moira – as miss m & I drove into town to get groceries – all due to the apprant break.

    Race & a 1/2 so far!

    Cheering from NM

  • Finally Izzy wins a draw!

    Isn't it great that the live feed in Takotna lets you see Aliy's team!

  • Ditto – what a lucky couple of girls!!!

    Congrats to two legged fan Barbara and woof, woof, woof to Ms. Izzy!!!

  • Congrats Barbara, Izzy and Izzy!!! She is certainly a good girl!

    BTW, I must have missed the post announcing updated puppy Fan Club pics!! My they have grown up! Gorgeous!!!

  • Well I completely missed this one! Thanks guys!!! I was taking a midterm and got distracted watching the puppies that I never even checked the older post. Best surprise ever!

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