We have had it confirmed the CLYDE is the dog Aliy left in Nulato. We have been in touch with the vet team at Iditarod HQ and we’ve been assured his injuries are minor.

He’s on his way back to Anchorage where Linda will be waiting for him to give him all the love and attention he needs. Knowing Clyde all he’ll want is a big bowl of kibble!


Aliy and the Red Team have continued on, have passed through Kaltag and are camping on the trail 25 miles out. At this stage she hasn’t spoken of the incident and she is in the best possible place right now, camping with her team.

The video of the team through Kaltag shows Dutch and Chipper in lead, Kodiak and Mismo in swing, Scout and Chemo, Willie and Izzy, Waylon and Scruggs, Felix and Schmoe with Sandy and Commando in wheel. They looked happy and full of beans and Aliy looked motivated and determined.


Allen and the Black Team have left Galena at 1.16pm this afternoon after staying there just under five hours. He still has 14 team mates with him.

There are many, many news reports of the developing story. Please keep an eye on the Iditarod website for updates. I’m about to hop a plane for Nome and will catch-up later this evening.

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  • OMG

    Clyde is such a solid guy – hope he is 100% very soon!!!

    Feel tip top Mr. Clyde, you the man!!!


    P.W. Woof, woof!!!

  • So sorry about this horrible incident to you and Jeff and the Teams. The loss and injuries are unbearable ! Mapel

  • Thank you for such faithful reporting! My heart breaks for Aliy and Jeff!…such a horrible event! I do very much enjoy and appreciate your updates!

  • Positive news – Thank-goodness! Clyde's tough, he'll be back in top shape in no time!! You are correct; Aliy is exactly where she needs to be…on the trail, just her and the dogs.

    Easy run Red Team!
    Sindy in Michigan

  • Safe travels to you, Moira. And also to Clyde.

    Now knowing who was injured, no matter how minor, and seeing his sweet face, makes this tragedy all the more real and painful.

    Blessings and grace to Aliy and Jeff. I can't believe the two of them were involved in another life threatening situation on the trail.

  • I have to say – I have tried without any success to use the search tool on the blog. I have tried it – asked a question only to have another reader tell me I could search the blog history using words such as I used to get – voila, the perfect results.

    I am searching back for the team roster to confirm who remains on the team for this year and have finally given up and will scroll back.

  • Thank you Moira for the updates!!! OMG Clyde is such a sweetheart and beautiful and great dog!!! I am praying for him so much!!! Glad Alyi and her team are camping together!!! Lots of love and prayers!!!

  • Clyde is my fav!!! Please update re: his condition when you know more.
    So concerned for Aily & the team after this incident today.

  • Thank you for the quick update about Clyde. I'm sad he had to experience this horrific incident.

    Safe travels to Nome for you!

    Go, Aliy, Go! I'm pulling for you–Big Time!!

  • Geez… There's the good & the very bad… Scales are tipping toward the better of the good… Thankfully.

    And think it's also good they took that guy out of Nulato. For everyone's sake.

  • Aliy, Bob and I were so concerned for you. We're glad you are fine. Convey to Jeff our sympathies for his loss. God bless!!!

  • Awww, good dawg Mr. Clyde. Rest up and eat up so you can tell Mac, Chica & Nomex all about it. Speaking of Nomex, I never did give kudos to Nomex earlier…..so here you go Nomex, good DAWG!

  • Lots of love for Clyde. He's in good hands I know. He's a good dog and glad he will be okay. This is so horrible but huge kudos to Aliy for hanging tuff and going on. Love you gal and all those great dogs!!!

  • What a day. Am so happy to hear Clyde will be ok. Aliy has the
    strength of a tiger it looks like and I'm glad she is camping
    with her sole mates now in peace. We are all pulling for you
    Aliy!!!! GO Girl GO!
    Allen and his team mates are moving right along. The future looks
    so bright! GO Allen!!

  • Thanks so much for the update! I have a hard time telling the differance beteween Clyde and Willie and have been concerned who is on the side line now. No doubt Aliy will miss Clyde's presence on the trail and so will we! We are so proud of you Clyde…so relieved you are in good hands….and SO happy your Team Mates seem to have risen above all this and continued on! Go Red Team!!!

  • So relieved things are getting back to normal and my heart goes out to Jeff for his tragic day. That said, I'm also feeling very sad for the young man who caused all this pain. Drunk driving takes a horrific toll throughout Alaska and all the other states too. I wish I had a kennel. I'd try to get at least part of his sentence served working with the dogs. It might save him too.

  • safe travels, Moira, all the SP Kennel team, & most especially Aliy & the dogs. wishing a speedy recovery for Clyde. I imagine the peace in being alone with the dogs on the trail is the best thing for Aliy right now. Godspeed.

  • The Red Team: Scout, Chemo, Chipper, Clyde, Commando, Dutch, Felix, Izzy, Kodiak, Mac, Mismo, Sandy, Schmoe, Scruggs, Waylon and Willie.

    The Black Team: Quito, Chica, Lester, Nacho, Amber, Champ, Chena, Driver, Iron, Junior, Lydia, Nomex, Sissy, Spark, Tinder and Violet.

  • Per AK State Troopers:
    D Detachment


    Location: Nulato
    Type: Assault
    Dispatch Text:

    UPDATE: On 3/12/2016 Alaska State Troopers responded to Nulato and located the snow machine involved in the incident and identified a suspect. At approximately 1145 hours, Alaska State Troopers arrested Arnold Demoski, 26 of Nulato, for two counts of Assault in the third degree, one count of Reckless Endangerment, one count Reckless Driving and six counts of criminal Mischief in the fifth degree.

    On 03/12/16 at approximately 0243 hours, the Alaska State Troopers in Galena received a report that five miles below Koyukuk on the Yukon river, Aliy Zirkle, 46, had her dog sled hit on the side by a snow machine and the snow machine turned around multiple times and came back at her before driving off. Zirkle was not injured and one of her dogs was bruised during the incident. Zirkle had another contact with the same snow machine approximately 12 miles above Nulato. The snow machine revved up and was pointed at her and then finally left the area with no further injuries to Zirkle or her team. Another musher, Jeff King, was hit from behind by what appears to be the same snow machine approximately 12 miles above Nulato. One of of his dogs was killed in the incident and five of his dogs were injured. King reported that he was not injured. A Trooper is responding to Nulato to continue the investigation.

  • I have been a Fan of Clyde for the past three years and feel so sad for him that he was injured in the attack. He is always a hard working, but fun loving dog. I enjoyed the interviews he did earlier in the season! I hope he quickly recovers and has no permanent damage. I wish the same for Aliy and am thrilled to see that she is continuing the race.

    Val L.

  • Aliy,

    OMG! What a terrifying experience.

    Of anybody I've ever known in my life, you are one the strongest, tuffest, most determined, yet caring. Stay strong and know that more people than you can ever imagine are rooting for you, always have been, always will be.

    Best wishes to all of Team Red, Team Black too, and a speedy recovery for Clyde.

    Nome is waiting for you! Get there first this time!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Thank you so much for the updates! It us unreal what happened to Aliy and Jeff, yet they don't quit. Both are class acts. Go SPK! Stay safe for the rest of the race! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

  • I am horrified and so very sorry that this has happened to Aliy and Jeff King. Unthinkable. Happy to hear Clyde is ok. Aliy, I can't imagine what you must be feeling, but you are showing so much strength and conviction and dedication to your dogs, that you are an inspiration to all that know you and know of you. Safe travels and you just keep on keeping on. STEPHANIE KUHNS

  • Clyde – oh no, not the chow hound! -I hope and pray he will be ok and back to his healthy and happy hungry self soon. Clyde – get back to full strength soon so you can have a fun summer and be back racing for SPK next year.
    Like Lourdes said -thank you, Moira, for your updates. And have a safe journey yourself to the "end of the line" here. I hope Aliy and Jeff will both be able to feel the care and support from a lot of fans – the nightmare of it all. Stay strong, stay focused and feel the love and support from all of us. Aliy – you are amazing. This must be a nightmare for you but you are so strong – we are awed and amazed by your tenacity and your spirit and your love of your 4-legged team-mates. It's an inspiration for dog lovers everywhere. Go, woman, go. We are all behind you 110%.

  • Oh what a day. Aliy stay safe and know ho much we admire and love you. Clyde am glad you are on the way back to Anchorage. Heal quickly. Safe travels Moira and Chris. Thanks for keeping us posted. And Allen you are also in our thoughts and prayers. Mush on both of you.

  • Much love to Aliy and her team and a speedy recovery to Clyde. Thank God for Aliy's strength and spirit and her bond with her dogs. May she have peace and smooth sailing all the way to Nome.

  • well wishes sent to Clyde one of Aliy Zircles dogs injured by drunken asshole on snow machine on Saturday on iditarod trail stay safe and well SP KENNELS red and black teams Aliy Zircle & Allen Moore and all the dogs in both teams
    Thankfully no one here was seriously injured again prayers sent to Jeff King for his sad loss of NASH RIP little one and the rest of his injured dogs
    Alaska David J Moore's photo.

  • Aliy,I am sending prayers and asking the Spirit of the Lord to comfort you and the team at this time. What a horrible beyond words attack, I am so very sorry. But know you do not stand alone, I have you on my radar and watching you all the way. love Ya man, Your showing through your pushing on that you are the Champion we know you are. Thanks for sharing in that video about what happened it brought tears to this old retired USASF Col. (United States Army Special Forces). You can be on my team anytime!!

  • Woof Woof ๐Ÿพ ๐ŸพDenali sends his best to Clyde extra special bowl of kibble please Happy swift trails trails from here on in for the Red Team ๐Ÿ”ด and fun times for the Allen and the Black Team โšซ๏ธ. Denali ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ and Joanne ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

  • Recover quickly and completely Clyde. You are one of Aliy's strongest most reliable prime dogs, and you will be dearly missed in the rest of this race.
    Awesome job big boy!

  • I am so upset with that drunken S.O.B. but so relieved that all the rest of you are not injured and I know Aly with give Jeff our condolences about Nash because that is the class that Aly is made of. I know Aly will stay positive for her team and do the best she can and that in my books is all that is expected or needed! We love you and your team! Aly!! STAY SAFE!!!

  • Stay the course! It takes time to burn off a hit of adrenalin such as has happened to Aliy, Jeff & their teams.

    All are amazing in the ability to do the right thing toward all around healing.

    You go girl – you and the pups are delivering all you can – & then some.

    Allan – a big, giant ditto to you & your crew as well. Watched you and the stardom-to-be crew catch fire on the run to Nulato… Awesome.

    As are all the commentators on this site.


  • Aliy you are a inspiration to all young and old, your so strong and yet you have a heart of gold. The love you have for your dogs is amazing. You are in our heart and minds as you make your way to Nome. You and your dogs are truly amazing!!! Go red team!!! P.S. Black team too!!!

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