The Current Race Standings show us that Allen left one of his team mates with the vet and volunteer team in Rohn. As with yesterday, at this stage we have no way to know who it was or why and we’ll get that information to you as soon as we can.


Aliy is keeping her team to a fairly consistent run/rest schedule at this stage and stopped the team on the trail last night between Rohn and Nikolai. Each of those short “dips” is her stopping to snack the team on their frozen salmon, beef or chicken snacks.

“Analytics View” of the tracker shows the Red Team’s run/rest schedule

If you are an Insider subscriber they have set up a live feed from Nikolai checkpoint and if we time it right we will get to see them arriving. It’s mind boggling, and pretty cool, to think we can watch that happening live from remote Alaska!


Currently, the Black Team is resting about 20 miles passed Rohn, at around the same area the Red Team camped last night. There are a bunch of other teams camping there also and Sebastian Schnuelle, in his post last night, said “about 18 miles out, past the Post Rohn Glacier, is Tin Creek. Good running water there, so many teams try to camp in that vicinity. Straw would not be needed for a team there, as the meadows had no snow cover.” So, it could be that they are all in that area using the trail conditions to their advantage.

How’s that refresh finger doing?

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  • Refresh finger is going great! Work productivity is at about a minus 10 LOL! Aliy should be in Nikolai in a little while and they are broadcasting now so I have it on now. Go SPK Red & Black teams. Curious to know who Allen dropped.

  • I tried to watch the video going into Rohn to see if any one was limping. Didn't see that. Lester was running a little behind. That was all I saw. I hope the dropped dog is just tired and not hurt.
    Go Allen and his pack!

  • I wasn't able to tell how long she stopped last night. Did she camp out and if so, for how long? It is hard to tell from the analytics page. I have the Live Stream feed up and ready to watch the Red team come in! GO Aliy GO!

  • Thanks for updates about both teams!!!

    Hope the "getting wet" crossing Happy River didn't traumatize any youngsters on the Black Team, keeping fingers crossed,



  • I'm not getting much done here at work. Good thing I turned everyone here in the building onto the race…including the Boss! The live stream is so cool…can't wait to see the teams come in!

  • Dilemma, what do you do when you know Aly is next to come in, you hit the GPS and it hasn't moved but you have to go to the bathroom.

  • WOOF!!!

    Red Team looking full of beans checks into Nikolai around 1:50 plus EST – WOOF!!!

    This live feature is awesome if, as others have noted, you can know when to pounce (Red Team came in a little bit after maybe Lance (???) or a guy in a orangy-red parka…


  • Kisses and love to everyone who posts here with updates. I am so grateful. I am on the tracker too but I think I need to be a devotee a lot longer to get the hang of it.

  • The GPS is a little delayed sometimes so I just watched it for a while and saw Aliy come in. And Yes! the dogs looked good, I agree! Lance was ahead of Aliy I think.

  • FWIW…

    I think the secret to timing the live feed is to was the flurry of photographers suddenly come in to the picture…soon after a team will pull in and get the video treatment from the press photographers…

    You first check the GPS and see where Red Team or Black Team are vis a vis the next stop…

    P.S. At least this method worked first time I tried it at Nikolai for the Red Team!

  • Pretty Awesome coverage this year with the checkpoint info. We are going to be spoiled!! Just love the fact we can see what is going on with our Insider Coverage and knowing all the internal structure it takes to offer this to us at this price!!

  • Aliy and Allen:

    Laine Family checking in morning, at lunch, and in the evenings….hitting refresh-refresh-refresh! Go Aliy and catch those guys that burned up too much energy jumping to the front on days 1 and 2!

    Steve Laine

  • My refresh finger is getting a real work-out, but it's worth it. The coverage is wonderful this year!! Thanks, SPK!

    Hope Allen's dropped teammate is okay. I'm wondering since Allen has such a young team, if it's not unusual for him (and Aily, too) to have to drop a dog or two more than they usually do. But–then what do I know–"armchair musher" that I am. Whatever the case, I continue to wish for safe travels for Allen, Aily and their teams.

    I also continue to be in "Iditarod Heaven" with the live-feed. Combine that with your SPK news updates, videos and pictures, and this whole experience has been beyond my greatest expectations! Thank-you for all your hard work.

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up in this re-building year, but oh! how I want Aily and her teammates to win this thing more than ever!!

  • I agree with Margaret. II's live feed from the checkpoints is the best thing since the tracker. Now we can see all our teams.
    Woohoo Red and Black!

    Of course, the very best coverage is right here for us SPK fans!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Bruce Lee just said how Allen helped about 6 teams through the water before Rohn.

    Allen you are the best, getting yourself all wet to help others!!!

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