Last season Verizon Wireless came on board as a lead sponsor of SP Kennel and we are delighted that relationship has continued into this season. Verizon’s motto of “Better Matters” really gels with us and our philosophy and we are excited to be associated with them.

Thanks Team! We really appreciate your support and proudly display your logos on our sleds, musher parkas and team jackets!

And check out our Instagram page brought to you with devices provided by Verizon and using their 4G LTE network!

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  • Yes….Better does Matter! Thank you Verizon for sponsoring SP Kennel and helping them keep in touch! I'm a proud Verizon customer and SP Kennel Fan!

  • Verizon's sponsorship – thank goodness they are as enthusiastic as us fans of SP Kennel.
    OMG – tracking the weather on the trail has to concern everyone, Knowing what wonderful care you take care of the four-legged athletes it concerns me that the two-legged athletes are also going to be challenged and exhausted by the warm weather like no other race in the past. Please stay healthy and safe. Yes we worry about you.

  • I am also a Verizon customer and SP Kennel Fan!! Thanks Verizon
    for all you do!! My Verizon works GREAT plus the customer service
    is fantastic! Both are winners!

  • Thanks Verizon, for sponsoring the best kennel & mushers. Am also a Verizon customer. Great coverage.

  • woohoo Verizon

    and three cheers for
    Alaska Railroads snow delivery.
    No charge for snow delivery by Alaska Railroads to Anchorage.

  • Awesome news, I'm sue this will be a huge benefit for your business. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the post.

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