This morning in Anchorage a few of us had breakfast with Dr Al Townsend and a team from Eagle Pack – Natural Dog Food and took the opportunity to thank them for their friendship, support and sponsorship over the years. Aliy fed Eagle Pack back in the early 2000s even before they came on board as a sponsor and we have fed it ever since.

Our dogs are powered by Eagle Pack from the time they are born right into their retirement. They thrive on it and really do seem to enjoy eating it! Thanks Team!

Allen, DeeDee, Martin and Aliy

Dr Al Townsend with the Eagle Pack Iditarod mushers L-R: Allen, DeeDee, Aliy, Dr Al, Martin, James Volek and Tim Pappas (both from Happy Trails Kennel)

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  • Thanks so much for these pix – and so glad to see Dee Dee ready to "rumble" at Iditarod again!!!



  • You should get the order of the folks in the photo correct. The first is Allen, Deedee, Martin, then Aliy.

    The second is Deedee, Allen, Aliy, Martin, Dr Al, then James and Tim (both from Happy Trails Kennel)

  • Talk about four mushing *greats* in one shot! Wow. So happy to see Deedee there and ready to run once again!! Martin too with family tragedy working out even better than we might have hoped. Super luck to all four of them!!
    And yep, the second shot was mislabeled!

  • Thanks Eagle Pack, & thanks for pictures. Nice to see DeeDee ready to race. And Martin & Aliy have a little sled tiff to settled. Go Aliy & Allen.Precious teammates you are taking on the trail. Hope you have low start numbers.

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